Color Blocking with Absinthe

Absinthe (sinontherocks)

As part of our series on Styling, our very good friend Absinthe (aka Sinontherocks) of Ferosh Institute of Fashion visited Model’s Workshop on March 2, 2016, to give a talk on Color Blocking.

Absi, CEO at Ferosh, is known for her amazing styling ability, which is evident in the numerous magazine pictorials and ads, and countless vendor boards and posters on the walls of high fashion boutiques all around SL. She has touched on Color Blocking in Ferosh Magazine, for which she is Editor in Chief, so it was only fitting to invite her to speak on the topic at Model’s Workshop.

Absi was very thorough in her presentation, touching on the history of Color Blocking to the modern trends of today. The room was filled with models and others who wanted to learn more about this popular, fun but sometimes confusing genre.

Color Blocking is a reoccurring trend that pairs two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement. It combines color in various abstract and unexpected ways. Color Blocking has a long and robust history dating as far back as the 1950s and evolving into the wildly popular style throughout the 1960s and 70s. Over the years Color Blocking trends included not only mixing colors, but also incorporating different textures and patterns for a cohesive, sometimes complicated, yet very stylish look.

Color Blocking Theory & History Examples

Color Blocking Theory & History Examples

If you understand the origins of Color Blocking and can successfully mix and match different pieces, colors and textures you have achieved styling royalty, as Absi stated in her presentation. Not everyone has ‘the eye’ or knowledge to successfully pull it off. She provided many samples and explained the theory of color blocking using a color wheel.

Color Blocking Examples

Members of our audience joined in when Absi challenged them to put together a color block styling for a chance to win a scholarship to her school. It was very exciting to see participants hovering backstage as they frantically styled themselves in the 20 minutes allotted for the challenge. Time was up and as each model presented his or her look, Absi offered feedback. I think everyone walked away with something very valuable from this amazing experience.

Color Blocking Styling Challenge Participants
Color Blocking Styling Challenge Participants

A special thank you to Absinthe for sharing her color blocking knowledge at Model’s Workshop. She was a very engaging and gracious presenter. Thank you to our guests who I’m sure could not get enough of this topic.

Workshop Audience

CLICK to see more photos from the Workshop taken by Lira Savira.

Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-Owner