Art & Fashion by John & Eleseren

John & Eleseren
John & Eleseren

John and Eleseren Brianna visited Model’s Workshop to give a talk on Art & Fashion in Second Life. The session took place on Tuesday, October 25th and had a packed room of guests who were eager to learn more about the topic.

John started Windlight Art Gallery to showcase the talents of artists in SL. The art gallery runs frequent exhibits by various artists and puts on charitable events for causes such as Diabetes.

The magazine, now Kultivate Magazine, not only puts a spotlight on artists by telling their stories and featuring their artwork, it also includes a fashion component called The Edge. Eleseren, Editor and Curator for The Edge, uses this platform to highlight art in fashion with incredible visuals, stylings and photography.

What is Art?

John started the talk with a bit of art history, how he got started in the SL art scene, and of course how he courted Eleseren to join his crusade to bring art to the SL masses. His presentation showed examples of what some consider to be art, such as a can of Campbell’s soup, a Coca-Cola bottle, a toilet or an inanimate object. For some, art is created out of emotion and traumatic life experiences as John shared in the picture of a dead bird. Art tells a visual story and that story could be very different for each person who tries to decipher the artist’s message.

Eleseren started her talk with a definition and history of fashion and touched on the important elements art brings to fashion. As a fashion designer and model herself, art has always been an important component of Eles’s style.

John & Eles

She explained the differences between Pret a Porter (ready-to-wear) and Haute Couture, talked about the changes in fashion throughout the ages, and how real life fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and others thought of their creations as works of art. She also addressed how artistic photos versus screenshots can impact a fashion blog in positive ways.

The combination of art and fashion is a marriage made in heaven. The two can bring excitement, evoke emotions and start conversations. When there is freedom to express ourselves, the possibilities are endless. Those possibilities were shared by John and Eles at this workshop, and it was truly a pleasure having them.

John & Eles

The workshop concluded with a fun draw for prizes that included Ghee gowns made exclusively for Kultivate Magazine, a gift card to Gabriel, and various art pieces provided by Kultivate and The Edge.

The Kultivate/Edge team is very busy. On October 22nd the pair took part in the Burn 2 event with a successful fashion show called The Edge Da Vinci’s Workshop Styling Show featuring stunning examples of art in fashion. As part of The Edge Anniversary Weekend, Kultivate and the Edge collaborate with AIM to bring together the talents of a top SL fashion designer and a well-known artist for the Art Diva show in November. Visit for details on this and other events and exhibits to come.

John & Eles - Audience

A very special thank you to John and Eles for taking time out of their busy schedule to do this presentation at Model’s Workshop. It was a wonderful, enlightening learning experience. Thank you to Suki Rexen for the fantastic decor, Aorist Chunes our greeter, Lira Savira our photographer, and of course thank you to our fabulous guests who were very patient and attentive during the presentation.

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Jena Adder
MW COO & Co-Owner