Miss SL clears the air at Model’s Workshop

Marcus Lefevre

We’ve had a world wind of activity at Model’s Workshop with our Contests & Pageants series of workshops. We started with Reign Congrejo Jameson of Mr. and Miss Virtual World and the BOSL organization on March 19th, followed by Beatrice Serendipity’s informative workshop on Modeling Contests on April 13th. Ava Jhamin brought her team to talk about Mr. and Miss Model International and the L’Amour organization on April 20th and 23rd.

On May 4th Marcus Lefevre, Owner of the Miss SL Organization, and his team—Ponchituti Boucher, CEO Miss SL Organization, and Boniefacio Boucher and Shinya Tandino executives at Miss SL—visited Model’s workshop to update us on the Miss SL pageant and other areas of the organization.

Miss SL Team
(l-r) Shinya Tandino, Boniefacio Boucher, Ponchituti Boucher and Marcus Lefevre

Miss SL consists of many subsidiaries that include the Miss SL Pageant, Magazine, Academy and Modeling Agency. Marcus’s goal for his organization was to create something that consists of and offers the best in fashion marketing and modelling on SL. Marcus has been in the real estate/land sales business in SL for quite some time and wanted a change. After attending some of the fashion events on SL, he decided to get involved, sponsoring some of those events, and later creating a new venture called The Partyculars. Through his adventures he met Frolic Mills, one of SL’s most influential figures in SL fashion, and others. Marcus became intrigued with the fashion industry and later started the Miss SL Organization where he brought Ponchututi, Boniefacio and Shinya on board to help run it.

The Miss SL Pageant started earlier this year and features female contestants who compete in weekly styling challenges that are not like any other on the grid. Check out some of the costumes worn at past challenges. As you will see, it truly is a celebration of beauty, creativity and talent. The Miss SL Pageant concludes on May 30 with its grand finale, where the first Miss SL will be chosen. Good luck to all of the contestants!

Miss SL Contestants

Marcus and his team answered questions from the audience and from yours truly, the host, and did not shy away from some of the tough ones that had sparked controversy over the past year, including those about Frolic Mills, voice verification of each contestant and MVW similarities. It was important to clear the air, and Marcus and Ponchi did just that. Each organization brings its own strengths. Each encourages creativity. The nice thing about SL is that we have the freedom to do what we want, the way we want it, and anyone who wishes to hop onto the bus is perfectly welcomed to go along for the ride. As models we welcome the variety. It gives us options, helps us to promote ourselves, make friends and network with others in the business, and we definitely welcome Marcus’s vision for fashion in SL.

Miss SL Audience

Thank you to Marcus, Ponchituti, Boniefacio, Shinya and the other members of his team who were in the audience. We learned a lot from this workshop. As the saying goes, we’re only as good as the people we work with, and Marcus has an amazing team that will surely help his organization to be successful. Thank you to AbbyJean for assisting with the coordination of the workshop, and a special thank you to Suki Rexen and Monica Balut for the vision we all work so hard to keep alive.

Jena Adder

3 thoughts on “Miss SL clears the air at Model’s Workshop

    […] Miss SL clears the air at Model’s Workshop […]


    Alcyna said:
    May 28, 2015 at 7:57 am



    Marcus Lefevre said:
    May 28, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    just cause it has a similar name it doesn´t mean it´s a plagiarism at all. The content counts. But to leave a simple phrase as a comment is just as less as one seem to have cared to see for the actual content both organizations provide. The both organizations have each different goals, different view of things. I´m certainly aware of similarities, but those are usually common standards for the modeling world in SL, at least I´d hope so. And those which are not, are certainly determined to be defined by what we understand as to be our standards. And if you believe or not… I couldn´t care less about your meaningless one line phrase. I`m quite able to express and explain whatever I`m saying or doing, what about you? And please, don´t make it up on a magazine and an academy… eventually try to see the bigger picture. if you´re unable to, I´m quite confident that others are. I love MVW as it was and I´m sure that they do their job today just as good as they want and can… i do my thing and have no interest to put anyone or anything down… but some people don´t get that point it seems.


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