Getting to know BOSL at Model’s Workshop

Model’s Workshop welcomed Reign Congrejo Jameson, Owner of BOSL & Co, Miss Virtual World Organization and Colour of Couture Top Model Competition on March 19th. Joining her was Jee Crazyboi, Editor in Chief of BOSL Magazine. I was honoured to be host of the event and got the chance to interview the pair, asking questions that so many of us have been curious about since Reign purchased BOSL & Co from previous owner, Frolic Mills.

BOSL at Workshop

Guests of honour and host (l-r) Jee Crazyboi, Reign Congrejo Jameson and Jena Adder.

I started the session, excited as a bunny in heat, with questions to Reign about future plans for MVW and what her team will be looking for in the next round of competitions starting this summer. She emphasized uniqueness, confidence and a strong presence as MVW winners are ambassadors of the organization and each should always look and sound the part, regardless of what other projects they partake in. Winners are also expected to organize and participate in a number of events during their reign, so having other professional skills, such as good communication, people and organizational skills are important traits.

Reign announced some recent changes and initiatives to the BOSL website,, that includes a redesign of the site with a more user-friendly interface that houses all of BOSL’s companies, as well as initiatives that will take BOSL to the mobile community, allowing the organization to reach readers anywhere through their mobile devices. Very exciting!

BOSL at Model's Workshop

A packed house at Model’s Workshop as all listened with intrigue.

Heard first at Model’s Workshop, Reign also announced the promotion of Jee Crazyboi to CEO of BOSL & Co. No doubt Jee has some grand shoes to fill, but it is clear that he is capable of taking on that role. Jee stressed that he has an open door policy and is happy to speak to anyone directly who may have questions about BOSL & Co. Congratulations to Jee! We wish him the best of luck and success in his new role.

Reign talked about her team and plans for some other appointments at BOSL, while Jee shared some exciting plans for BOSL Magazine, which is published every month and is available at any BOSL kiosk and on

The audience also had some very good questions, including some about Colour of Couture Top Model Competition, and Reign clarified some confusion over who is eligible to compete in this event. She reiterated that one does not have to be a woman of colour in real life to compete in Colour of Couture. She emphasized that each entrant must have a love of world culture and have the spirit of a women of colour, which includes a willingness to cooperate and a desire to honor women of colour for their contributions and achievements. To learn more about COC, visit the Colour of Couture Top Model Competition blog.

BOSL at Model's Workshop

Guests of honour, host, BOSL team and MVW winners (l-r) Jee Crazyboi, Editor in Chief at BOSL Magazine | Kêvángêlŏ™ V. Jameson (Khalied Jameson), Webmaster at BOSL & Co | Reign Congrejo Jameson, Owner BOSL & Co | Eleseren Brianna, MVW 2015 winner | Jena Adder, Model’s Workshop COO | Jamee Binder (Jamee Sandlwood), MVW Sweden 2015 and 1st Runner Up | Issy Flatley MVW UK 2015 and 2nd Runner Up.

Reign and Jee shared their individual professional work ethics, as well as mottos that’s been their inspiration in both worlds, and it was wonderful getting to know them on that personal level. It was truly a pleasure having them both at Model’s Workshop to share and build that camaraderie with our members and guests. The discussion continued long after the 90 min session with more interesting topics and tidbits shared by the group.

A heartfelt thank you to Reign and Jee for sharing their plans, wisdom and advice to future models who are thinking about taking part in the MVW and COC competitions, attending the academy, or becoming part of the BOSL team. We wish them both much success in the future, and hope to have them back again soon.

A special thank you to Nave Fall for helping to organize this event and to Suki Rexen, Model’s Workshop CEO, for the gorgeous decor.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

Photos by Suki Rexen


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