Frolic Mills was FABULOUS at Model’s Workshop!

What a pleasure it was to have the legendary Frolic Mills at Model’s Workshop to present and review his book ‘FABULOUS!: A Must Read Book for All Fashion Models’. The event was a three-hour long recount of Frolic’s experiences, teachings, and advice to aspiring models in Second Life. The sessions were about an hour each and spanned over three days (Feb 13, 14 and 15). It was exciting to learn about Frolic’s beginnings in the industry, and hear how he transformed himself and the business to what it is today.

Frolic Mills
Frolic Mills

Guests were treated to a beautifully decorated room by Suki Rexen that was filled with bookshelves and comfy chairs, reminiscent of a library setting. As a surprise for Frolic, all guests sat with legs crossed in a reading animation and books provided by the clever menu in the chair. Thank you Suki for that fun gesture.

For some, this was their first time meeting Frolic, while others who knew him, it was a moment to reminisce with an old friend and teacher. For everyone there, it was a rare opportunity to get his insight into what makes a model FABULOUS!

We all know now that we cannot show up to a workshop given by Frolic in a secretary’s uniform (giggles), which most of us did on the first day. “You all look like secretaries!” screamed Frolic, “That is so boring”. Therefore, for day two he assigned us homework and to come dressed in our best Kattaca-inspired outfit. Wouldn’t you know it! The room lit up like a high fashion runway show on day two, with most of the guests dressed in amazingly stunning outfits, some truly visually breathtaking and way more interesting than what was worn on day one.

Frolic highlighted the importance of always looking like a model. No matter where you go, look your best. Be unique. Be interesting. Be respectful of those you work for and those who work for you. Master your craft and offer something more. These lessons and many others were discussed and is available in Frolic’s book.

Our assignment for day three was to put on a FABULOUS runway show! Dress to impress! Frolic wanted to see stylings that he had never seen before. Everyone scrambled to make it all happen, and on day three thanks to the quick organizing skills of AbbyJean and BonieFacio, it all came together beautifully. The participants dressed to impress, prepared poses and walks with no time to rehearse, yet delivered a stunning display of styling fabulousness! Congratulations to everyone on a job well done, and to the winner of the event Kallieme (pictured below), who won a private modelling session with Frolic.

Frolic Mills - Finale
Kallieme, winner of a private modelling session with Frolic

See all photos of the finale taken by Tashi Owner

Many thanks to Frolic for choosing Model’s Workshop as his venue of choice to host his book review/modelling seminar. It was a pleasure and an honour having him, and we hope to see him back on our stage sometime in the future. Many thanks to AbbyJean, ChloeBenoir and Suki Rexen for their assistance in putting the event together.

To purchase ‘FABULOUS!: A Must Read Book for All Fashion Models’ by Frolic Mills, visit It is the Kindle edition, with a FREE Kindle app available for smartphones, tablets and computers.

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