Boniefacio brings ModeLS Magazine to MW

ModeLS Magazine

On Thursday, May 7th we had the pleasure of having Boniefacio Boucher, owner and Editor in Chief of ModeLS Magazine, at Model’s Workshop to tell us a bit about his magazine and offer advice to newer models on what they can do to increase their chances of being featured in a magazine.

BonieFacio Boucher
Boniefacio Boucher

ModeLS Magazine has been a supporter of Model’s Workshop in past offering winners of our Styling Challenges the coveted prize of a feature spread in ModeLS Magazine. Chloe Electra, a former writer and contributor at ModeLS Magazine and a Styling Challenges committee member at the time, interviewed the winners—see samples examples here.

This wonderful opportunity is what many of us hope for as we pursue our modelling career. With that in mind I thought it fitting to ask Boniefacio to come to Model’s Workshop to share his vision and plans for his magazine.

ModeLS Magazine is a monthly publication that does a great job at highlighting models and featuring other professions that are essential to the  modelling community on SL, including designers, photographers, builders, bloggers, modelling agencies and academies. Monthly features include Blogger of the Month, Photographer of the Month, Winners of its Styling Challenges, Styling Below 300L$, as well as designer, model and builder spotlights. At the back of each issue is a handy guide with direct teleports to some amazing places to visit on Second Life.

ModeLS Magazine - Issue 5 - Hellishly Gothly
ModeLS Magazine – Issue 5 – Hellishly Gothly

Boniefacio sighted that his magazine is about giving new models exposure and opportunity to promote themselves. We all know that it can be difficult to score a print magazine job unless you are affiliated with an agency with ties to a magazine. Many times we see the same models in various magazine ads and we wonder how do they do it. Boniefacio stressed that models get those magazine ads and spreads because they display amazing styling ability, they have a unique look, they are reliable and professional, they are talented models, and they may fit the look that an agency or designer needs for a specific requirement. Covers and spreads are usually awarded to those who did something significant in fashion (e.g. tireless charity work, winning a major contest or pageant, branched off into other areas of fashion such as designing or building).

ModeLS Magazine

Nonetheless these models all started somewhere, and having a magazine like ModeLS Magazine gives a new hope to newer models—appearing in a magazine may not be such an unattainable goal. Boniefacio stressed that hard work and perseverance will pay off. Find that unique look that is just you and keep honing your skills. Learn as much as you can about styling, and don’t let rejection stop you from achieving your modelling goals.

ModeLS Magazines

I was lucky to be one of the winners of ModeLS Magazine’s May 2015 Styling Challenge “Street Floral”, that landed me on Page 118-119 of the magazine (shameless plug). I’m deeply humbled and honoured to be featured amongst so many talented stylists. Thank you Boniefacio for that excellent opportunity. July’s Styling Challenge theme is “Chic on the Beach”. Entries must be sent in to Boniefacio at before July 6th. Good luck to you all!

A sincere thank you to Boniefacio for visiting us to share his vision and plans for his magazine, for his tireless efforts to promote and educate models on SL, and for his awesome sense of humour during the workshop. We wish him much success with future issues of the magazine. It was a wonderful, intimate workshop shared with his beautiful wife Ponchituti Boucher in the audience and the many fans and supporters of both ModeLS Magazine and Model’s Workshop. Check out current and past issues of the magazine here.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

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