Bea Serendipity’s Modeling Contests Workshop

Beatrice Serendipity
Beatrice Serendipity

Beatrice Serendipity delivered a very informative workshop on Modeling Contests at Model’s Workshop on April 13th. Guests and MW members filled the room to learn what it takes to be successful, and what should one consider before entering a modelling contest.

Bea is no stranger to modelling contests. In 2013 she won Second Life’s Top Model competition. She also represented the United Kingdom in Miss Virtual 2014, where she was one of the top 10 finalists. In addition to her many modelling accolades, Bea is a designer at Ghee where together with Warm Clarity, recently ran the Ghee Girl contest. With all this experience behind her it was fitting to have her on the MW stage to give some tips to models and others who may be thinking about entering a modelling contest.

MW Audience

We started things off with a royal gesture from Bea: a crown for everyone in the audience to wear, because for that one hour and a half we were all winners. She then got down to business breaking down the four different types of contests and what we can do to prepare for them:

  1. Pageants
  2. Brand “Face Of” contests
  3. Agency and school styling contests
  4. Public voting contests

“Contests can be a great way for models and aspiring models to make contacts, gain experience and get noticed, and for a few, they can be the key to taking your career to the top” says Bea. It is no wonder that there are so many of them right now. Contest organizations and brands who put on contests and pageants also benefit from the exposure and possible financial gain. In addition to the pluses of entering contests (advances modelling career, gain experience, acquire contacts and of course if you win you get great prizes), models must also take into account the minuses that come with some contests (cost, time, stress, you might lose, winner is committed to certain work or projects that may take a lot of their time, and of course competitiveness that may create enemies and drama).

Some of the contests to look forward to include: Mr & Miss Virtual World (MVW), Miss SL, Mr & Miss Model International (MMI), Colour of Couture Top Model Competition, Second Life’s Top Model Competition, Miss Mundo Virtual, as well as the various ‘brand’ contests such as Chop Zuey Girl, Miss Vero Modero, Ghee Girl, Miss Azul, Face of Zanze, Face of Amarelo Manga, Finesmith Muse and many others.

MW Audience

The overall message of this workshop is clear: If you are thinking about entering any modelling contest, do your research first and become familiar with the brand.

Here are some quick tips from Bea:

  • Know what you are entering – do your homework.
  • Read EVERYTHING very carefully and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS – rules are there for a reason!
  • Behave professionally at all times.
  • Make your styling outstanding! research the challenge themes you are given, try to create a real “wow” factor in your looks.
  • If it’s a “brand” contest – remember, your job is to make the BRAND look good – not YOU – so don’t distract from the brands designs.

Thank you Bea for putting on such an important and relevant workshop. We learned quite a lot from this session and I know that many of us will take these handy tips with us as we delve into the world of modelling contests.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO


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