Ava Jhamin, MMI and the L’Amour family at Model’s Workshop

Ava Jhamin
Ava Jhamin

Ava Jhamin, Owner & CEO of L’Amour, visited Model’s Workshop on April 20th and 23rd to share plans for the Mr. and Miss Model International (MMI), as well as inform us of some exciting initiatives at L’Amour. Joining Ava on stage were members of her team, Hezabel Blackheart – COO of L’Amour Productions and Director of Students for L’Amour Nexus University of Fashion, Cacilia McMasters – COO Mr. & Miss Model International, Solde Rothmanay – Editor in Cheif L’Amour Diversity and Director Pazzo Style Challenge, and Lady Falina Katze – Reining Miss Model International.

Ava and her team
(l-r) Lady Falina Katze, Cacilia McMasters, Ava Jhamin, Solde Rothmanay and Hezabel Blackheart

Ava launched Mr. and Miss Model International late 2014 with the premise that MMI celebrates the uniqueness of each of us, to celebrate who we are, where we come from, and share with others their mission for SL. Ava states that MMI is unlike any in SL as contestants represent themselves. They participate in competitions, including runway, photo, and group events, that highlight each contestant as a model and an individual.

The MMI events featured contestants ranging from everyday citizens of SL to professional SL models, each dazzling and impressing the judges throughout the competition. Males and females competed against each other in the same arena with fun and unique challenges such as a Pose Off where contestants brought their look, their style and arsenal of posses to a boxing-style ring.

The winners of MMI, Adonis Hansome and Lady Falina Katze (FalinaKatze), received some amazing prizes, and Ava reiterated that it didn’t end with just the winners, other contestants were selected to join the L’Amour organization and some are now enrolled in its courses. “It’s a family atmosphere at L’Amour” states Ava, “Contestants are recognized for their skills and we build on that by providing a platform for them to improve those skills.”

Workshop Audience

Many of the contestants were among the guests, and each shared their own experiences and offered advice to those who are considering entering next year. L’Amour will launch the next season of MMI in January 2016 and will no doubt focus on unique, fun and exciting challenges once again.

In addition to MMI, L’Amour’s other entities include L’Amour Productions and L’Amour Nexus Modeling University. Its newest initiative, L’Amour Diversity Magazine, was announced FIRST at Model’s Workshop and is scheduled to launch in June of this year. Its goal is to celebrate uniqueness not trends in Second Life, and will feature not just fashion, but a wide range of topics, places of interest and subject matters with an intent to reach a wide and diverse audience.

Diversity Magazine

Congratulations to Ava and her team! We look forward to the new magazine and wish her great success with this new business venture.

A sincere thank you to Ava and her team for coming out to Model’s Workshop to share their plans for Mr. and Miss Model International and all the other exciting initiatives at L’Amour. We thank them for their continued support of Model’s Workshop and we look forward to having them back for an update.

To learn more about L’Amour, visit their website or contact Ava Jhamin in world.


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