Resources for Bloggers from Beatrice Serendipity

This is not a definitive guide to every resource that exists for SL bloggers (there are LOTS!), so much as a quick reference point to some of the resources that you might find helpful when getting started as a blogger – many of these will lead you to other useful links and resources.

Happy blogging!

Simply Bea Blog
Bea’s Flickr
Bea on Facebook

Getting started:

Tips for Bloggers:

Strawberry Singh

Online SL Blogger resources:

Photography resources:

Syndication – Fashion Feeds:

(these are just a few – all of which were working when I checked on 17/04/14)

Some of my favourite SL blogs:

(again, just a few – there are so many wonderful blogs – have fun discovering them for yourself!)

Inworld Blogger Support group:

[SL] Blogger Support

Inworld fashion and modeling groups

(apply for a blogger tag so you can send inworld notices when you post new blog posts)

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