Frolic Mills at MW (June 5th)


Thursday, June 5th at 4pm Juan Delgado (aka Frolic Mills) came to speak at Model’s Workshop. He spoke about how he got started modeling, where his career took him, and what he was able to accomplish along the way. Topic was based on this year’s SLB11 theme “Looking into the future” where do you see SL heading, where do you see your virtual self heading?

Frolic Mills at MW (Audience)

Frolic talked about his next move in SL: being COO for Marcus Lefevre. He did his best to answer all the questions asked of him by those attending, whether it was about him or his advise to the questioner. He also did his best to end “on time” but I managed to get him to stay a little longer, as we joked about, and he followed up on your questions.

It was a grand time, with a great audience! You know, it wasn’t really an “audience” per sey… more like the title of the invitation says “A candid discussion with Frolic Mills.”

Suki Rexen

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    Frolic Mills at MW (June 5th) | Model's Workshop said:
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