Changing Trends in SL Modeling

ImageWe had a very good turn out at the February 10th discussion on Changing Trends in SL Modeling. The title of this discussion turned out to be a bit broad as some people expressed their different ideas of what the topic would address.

I started off the conversation by talking about the changes in shapes and facial features and showed a picture of an avatar with a bit of an overbite. The discussion quickly led its way to the core nature of modeling: tall, slender, striking; beautiful.

Very good questions were raised and some were answered by the group census. Questions like: What makes someone’s look appropriate for Virtual Modeling? Why are models so tall? It seems that Virtual Models have to be more than just “models” to work in SL, for example, must they be photographers, graphic artists, bloggers, stylists…..?

If you missed our discussion you missed a great sharing of our collective professional opinion, but don’t fret… because we will be hosting this topic again. Days and Times to be announced.

Suki Rexen


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    Changing Trends in SL Modeling | Model's Workshop said:
    April 28, 2014 at 7:44 am

    […] Changing Trends in SL Modeling […]


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