Blogging for Models presented by Beatrice Serendipity

Beatrice Serendipity

Blogging has become one of the fastest growing communication tools for fashion models in SL. If you are good at photography and love fashion and styling your avatar, having a blog to showcase these skills can be very rewarding and sometimes addicting. It can also be extremely inspiring to those who follow you. Designers may start to take notice and send blogger requests, and agency owners may start to follow your blog, which could open up future modelling opportunities for you.

As we continue our series on fashion blogging in Second Life, Model’s Workshop invited Beatrice Serendipity (model, photographer and blogger extraordinaire) on April 17th, to talk about her journey as a fashion blogger, and to share some tips to help models who are starting a blog or want to learn ways to improve their blog.

Bea started her blog, Simply Bea, in 2011 as a way to share her styling, reflect on issues in the modelling and fashion community and bring awareness to some causes that were important to her. Her blog has grown to be one of the most influential fashion sources on SL, primarily due to her fabulous fashion sense, photography skills and regular and relevant postings on SL fashion. Read more about Bea’s journey here.

Simply Bea

Bea’s workshop was an information-packed session, touching on various topics such as

  • Finding your focus and style for your blog—is your blog about your journey as a model or about fashion;
  • Choosing a blogging tool that works for you—WordPress, Blogger, Flickr;
  • Deciding on the type of blog you want—microblogging (short text and photos commonly seen on Facebook and Flickr), commentary (stories that include photos and styling info), photos only (flickr, Pinterest, Instagram);
  • Using social networking to help promote your blog—Facebook, Twitter, Flickr; and
  • Growing the number of views on your blog.

Bea and AudienceWe had a candid discussion around designer expectations and communicating clearly what you are willing to do for them. Applying to SL syndicates (e.g. and, and understanding their specific requirements (e.g. photography requirements, blog ratings and RSS links).

There were a lot of questions and comments from the audience, and Bea shared some valuable links and resources to help them get started—posted in our Resources section.

We’d like to thank Bea for sharing her knowledge on this fast-growing topic in SL modelling, and for making it educational and interactive for everyone in the room.

Jena Adder

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