SL Fashion Magazines – Workshop Highlights

It was truly an honour to have Topaz Joubert, CEO Maniera LLC, speak on the topic of SL Fashion Magazines at Model’s Workshop (July 11th). She touched on some very important points and challenges faced by fashion magazines and models in Second Life and in real life, being in the industry in both worlds and recognizing the similarities and differences. Topaz shared how much she missed the fantasy aspect of SL fashion. She noticed that more and more designers and models mimic real life fashion, and envisions someday seeing the fantasy elements return to SL.

Fashion Magazine Workshop - Audience 1Topaz also admits that, today, magazine owners use a core group of modelling agencies to source models for their publication. “As with any business, magazines want to establish trust, they have deadlines to meet—models must be on time, styled, photographed and submitted for publishing.” she says, “Having a reliable agency where trust is established is less time-consuming and overall good business for the magazines.”

Topaz is excited about the online mediums used today by fashion magazines, such as Facebook and fashion blogs. This enable them to reach more readers, their network of friends and followers.

Fashion Magazine Workshop - Audience 2

Topaz delivered an informative, entertaining workshop filled with valuable advice for models who want to raise their profile and improve their chances of appearing on the pages of a fashion magazine. She showed us examples of photography and editorials featured in Maniera and ManieraSL, and she shared her own personal story and experiences running ManieraSL since in 2008 and starting the real life magazine, Maniera, in 2012.

Model’s Workshop would like to thank Topaz for an inspiring, captivating workshop. We all had a great time, so much so we went way past the allotted time, and each guest received a wonderful gift from Topaz. We wish Topaz much success with Maniera, and we hope to have her back very soon.

MANIERASL is one of Second Life’s top fashion and lifestyle magazines with a distribution of over 30,000 in-world and has been publishing in Second Life since 2008. In 2010, MANIERASL was selected as a nominee in the Digital Magazine Awards. In 2011, Maniera LLC became an official real-life company and launched its real-life publication MANIERA Magazine in 2012.

ManieraSL Magazine
Maniera Magazine (RL)

If you are a professional in the fashion industry in Second Life (e.g. model, designer, agency owner, modeling instructor), and would like to share your experiences, offer teachings and advice, or speak on a specific topic pertaining to fashion and modeling in SL, please contact Suki Rexen, Model’s Workshop CEO.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

Model’s Workshop Main Entrance


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