!Silken Moon Skins presents

Malicia Python, owner and designer of !Silken Moon Skins spoke today at Noon what you need to know about skins as a Model. Your skin, more than anything else, represents YOU.

Malicia Python Designer

Ms. Python, spoke about making yourself look unique enough that you stand out.  People can see a picture of you and say “Oh that’s So and So”….  Picking a skin and creating your self by maximizing a basic skin and individualizing your face.

She addressed what she referred to as “staging a skin and dressing a face and she gave some pointers for those who do photography and blog, and of course Model.

Part of the discussion covered shape and how a shape can make or break a “good” skin.   Malicia Python suggested playing around the finite tweeks like the shape of your lips and eyebrows using the sliders provided in the edit appearance window.

The presenter shared some ideas about how to focus on the skin especially when doing a show or print work where the focus is on the skin, ie: subdued hair; modest outfits, etc.  And what to avoid like something that is obvious but so often forgotten DO NOT wear makeup by another skin designer!

please visit her store inworld:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Napf/43/21/35

The Q&A portion of this presentation brought up some interesting points and ideas for enhancing our best looks, and what to avoid.  For example: Do tweet your eyebrows, Don’t wear face lights!  Avoid “standard look” skins and be wary of “ass burn” which you cannot do anything about, and occurs when the skin designer tries to use a darker shading to enhance parts of the skin.


IF YOU MISSED TODAY’S MW SEMINAR Malicia Python will be presenting again at MVWMA Seminars. (please im MVWMA staff for more information)

The name of her seminar is: Skins versus Fashion – How to style and snap a skin properly; and will be held on Thursday April 18th 1PM SLT and Thursday April 25th 1PM SLT.

*you may always IM me, Suki Barrowstone, MW COO

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