Q&A with the VMM – Highlights

Anthony Audran, VMM Committee Chair
Anthony Audran, VMM Committee Chair

Q&A with the Virtual Male Model took place on July 25 and highlighted some of the issues faced by male models in Second Life.

Suki Rexen, MW CEO, introduced Anthony Aubran, Chair of the newly formed Virtual Male Model Committee, who led the interactive session with advice on the best places to find the things necessary to create a look that is picture-esq yet unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

“The purpose of this committee is to form a place where male models of all levels (specifically newer male models) are able to come together and discuss everything from the newest male trends in SL to the newest shops, information, etc” says Anthony, “It is tough for us guys in the fashion industry, and there isn’t often too much information and variety to help us with that, including shop locations and other information that we normally see for women.”

Anthony touched on topics such as male skins and mesh hands and feet, while VMM Committee Staff, Peter Carter, took the stage to lead the discussion on male clothes, hair and poses, and pointed out that males should consider some female clothing and accessories when styling for a show. Another great point that was expressed was the need for more male poses—it’s not uncommon for males to choose masculine-looking female poses to compensate for the lack of good quality poses available for males.

Peter Carter, VMM Committee Staff
Peter Carter, VMM Committee Staff

This was another good discussion that I’m certain we will have many of at MW. It was great to see such a diverse group in attendance at Q&A with the VMM, which included some very experienced models, who shared some of their own helpful tips, resources and experiences.

Many thanks to Anthony and his team, Peter Carter and Philz Spitteler, for putting together this much-needed workshop for male models. If you would like to join the Model’s Workshop Virtual Male Model Committee, please contact Anthony Aubran.

Full transcript and landmarks to the stores mentioned at Q&A with the VMM are available to Model’s Workshop Group members upon request. Contact Anthony, Suki Rexen or myself.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

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