Making your own AO

On April 18th we had a nice Workshop Presentation on “Making your own AO”—presented by ElaraGloriana (elaragloriana.scrabblebat) and hosted by Monica Balut.  Several people attended, including a 17 day old new SL member!  The presenter was well organized and led the workshop, in text, step by step in how to load your own AO with only the animations you want.

During the group discussion some very interesting “new” information was imparted, so no matter your level of experience with AO’s, you benefited from attending!

  • Monica Balut: AO’s will be changing a lot in the next 6 months
  • Many viewers will include built in AO’s and LL will be releasing new scripting code soon to make AO’s more efficient less of a drag on a sim
  • Most AO’s on the market are based on the ZHAO script (now in version II) written by Zizzy Puff. This itself was based on the Franimator script written by Francis Chung.
  • The Oracul animations are nice, but the Oracul AO is not based on the ZHAO so the setup may be different
  • Right click on the animation in the object and select “Properties”. The cursor usually will be in the name field. Press Ctrl-A to highlight the whole name. Then press Ctrl-C to copy the name to your computer’s clipboard.  Then go to the notecard and position the cursor where you want to put the name. Press Ctrl-V to paste the name into the notecard.
  • The pipe character is commonly used to separate animation names in notecards for AO’s.
  •  Huddles (brand AO ) may not accept the animation if you don’t start a new line on the notecard.
  • TOO many animations on one line will make it more likely that you will crash!
  • And note, only the first 4 states allow multiple sets of animations, all the others take only one.

and for those of you who know about animation priority, (how strong the animation is) The priority is assigned by the pose maker when s/he uploads it to SL.   The only way to control priority is to make your own!

Sounds interesting, right??  If you missed the workshop …..

* I made a transcript of the workshop for our all our members.*  If you are interested in obtaining a copy please come by the MW lobby, where you will be able to pick up a copy.  (make sure to wear your group tag)  but you will have to obtain the empty ZHAO that the presenter used on your own.


Suki Barrowstone, MW Coo; (sl name: Suki Rexen)

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