Fashion Jargon – Workshop Highlights

We continued the discussion and presentation on Fashion Modeling Jargon with audience participation on Thursday, June 27th. I presented several common terms that are used in both RL and SL modeling circles and even introduced a few new ones. Although this workshop was conducted in voice, I posted the definition of the terms in local chat so that attendees could easily copy and paste them to a notecard for future reference. Several folks participated in the discussion, asked questions, and shared their experiences with the various Jargon. When I first prepared for this workshop I encountered problem in deciding which of the many terms I came across were actually “jargon” for models; and which were more appropriate for other facets of the Fashion mileu. So, we decided to create another workshop on “fashion terminology for writing, particularly blogging”

Model's Workshop participants - group 1

Jena Adder (left) set out to show off her 80’s general look, but ended up demonstrating a return of NEON colors being used by an sub culture of fashionistas called “Scene”. Sceners followed the “goth” wave when the young adult dressers pumped up their look by adding Neon colors. Neon Lipstick, Neon eye makeup, Neon leggins, Neon sweaters… in other words, anything neon, which is also basically gender fluid. TY Jena!

Anthony Audran (Antyfreeman) and Desireme Fallen (center), both showing their fabulous Haute Couture classic look. Yes, Desireme’s pencil skirt is gray! Notice how she pulled the color up to her chin area by adding a gray broach. Her Hat ‘caps” the look, which limits your viewing eye range, and keeps your focus on her use of color blocking styling. Anthony shows use his typical “street chic” look, which could easily move through his day from the office to the mall, to perhaps a late night dinner cap with that special someone????

Ado (Adonis Hansome) (far right) show use his “fierce” look, when challenged to dress in a look frequently asked of RL male models by the photographers on the shoot. The look? Pensive and Dangerous!! Of course that applies to the model’s posing and facial expression… but this Chic Haute Couture Modern Male somewhat Boho and somewhat Avant Gaurde… helps the eye really see how “fierce” this type modeling can be. ty Ado

Model's Workshop participants - group 2

Molly Medler  (left) started by putting together an outfit that represents one of her favorite looks, the “BOHO” style, but as she continued styling, so decided to “grunge” out her look for this final presentation of “BoHo Grunge”. TY Molly.

Tiszo Cioc (center-left) shows us the newer Mesh that can actually be “sized” while you are wearing it! She dons the all-too-important basic black dress, and styles it Haute Couture! TY Tissy.

The newest staff member at Model’s Workshop, Mage (Magelancircus) centre-right, dons this Avant Guarde, racy look, for this chic runway look. Well done!

Finally, that’s me, Suki Rexen (far right) in an “Androgynous” look—a black classic unisex suit with white shirt and bow tie. I kept things a bit girly by adding a pair of black pumps with white bows.

Model's Workshop participants - all on stage

I would like to thank all those who attended the workshop, and especially participated in our “show and Tell.”  Thank you for making this workshop an awesome learning environment!!  I know I learned a few things… most importantly the correct pronunciation of “Haute” which is “OHT koo-TUHR”  (rhymes with Oat, Coo- tour) and said as if it one word.

Please add your comments and feedback!  We would love to hear from you!!

Thank you, Suki.

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