Fashion Genres Workshop…educational and fun

Due to technical issues, Suki Rexen was not able to host the “Fashion Terminologies” workshop on June 20th. However, those in attendance joined in a fun discussion about the various fashion genres.

Fashion Genre: Goth Couture, Urban Chic
Monica Balut (left) gives us all a lesson in “Gothic Couture” and Lanj Plasker expresses herself fabulously in “Urban Chic”.

The interactive session had some members on stage to talk about their interpretation of their genre of choice, while offering tips for others to achieve their look. It was truly an entertaining, educational session thanks to our guests who all looked fabulous by-the-way.

Fashion Genre: Fantasy and Steampunk
Desireme Fallen (left) shows off her “Fantasy” glam style, while Janet Brink strikes a pose in “Steampunk”.
Fashion Genre: Romantic, Casual Chic, Beatnik
(l-r) Chloe Electra shows her lovely “Romantic” side, Linda Reddevil is stunning in “Casual Chic”, and Jena Adder keeps it cool in her “Beatnik” look.

We’ll continue the discussion on this topic at our next workshop, so watch for details coming soon.

Jena Adder
Model’s Workshop COO

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    […] Fashion Genres Workshop…educational and fun […]


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