December Styling Challenge Theme Announcement

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The theme for our next monthly Styling Challenge is a seasonal one!

“Shiny, Sparkly, Christmas Party” 

Have some fun and style up a look to dazzle at a Christmas party using the season’s trend for metallics and all that glistens and glitters!

Date: Wednesday 5th December

Time: 4pm slt

Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Come along to participate in the challenge to compete for bragging rights and your photo here on the Model’s Workshop blog, or just join us to watch, give your feedback, and get some great shopping tips for that party outfit!


Minimalist Styling Challenge Winner ~ Anthony H. Knowles

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Congratulations to our November Styling Challenge winner Anthony H. Knowles – Anthony wowed us with his super stylish minimalist look!

Here’s Anthony’s style card:

When I first heard about the styling challenge being minimalist, I knew it was something that I had to do. I knew I had to put my all into creating a solid look, and especially since this was my first time ever styling minimalist. I had to go search Google and came up with a lot of different RL inspirations that helped me gel this entire look together.

Shirt – Entente Classic Tee – Black
Jacket – Tuty’s Winter Male Suit (Black Jacket)
Coat – Tuty’s Winter Male Suit – Long Black Coat
Pants – Shiver – Black Leather Pants
Socks – Entente Black Socks
Scarf – Entente Voyage Scarf
Gloves – GB Leather Gloves (black)
Sunglasses – RYCA MIM Silver
Watch – RYCA LNR-G
Hair – Entente Tupelo Hair Black / Unorthodox Cassie Hairbase

Styling Challenge November theme: Minimalist

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The theme for the next monthly Styling Challenge is Minimalist style.

Get down to the essentials and create a sleek, chic look to win bragging rights and your photo featured on the Model’s Workshop blog and at the Mode’s Workshop auditorium inworld.

When: Wednesday 7th November 2012

Time: 4pm SLT

Where: The Model’s Workshop Auditorium

If you want to participate, please prepare a brief styling card describing your outfit and listing the main designers and stores used to present at the event, and remember to wear your Mode’s Workshop tag!

October Styling Challenge Winner

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Congratulations to Hellishly Gothly who won our “Hot Right Now” October Styling Challenge with this gothic and lace look. Big thanks to everyone who took part – it was a close run thing! Here’s Hellishly’s Style card:

“The look of this outfit is to reflect the current trends of gothic with lace and accessories. Teamed with the latest in legwear with tight fitting sleek looked pants, topped with a peplum-like skirt in feathers.

Style card:

DIRAM Natasha pants, collar (modified), top, peplum/skirt
Boots – KL Ankle Boots
Skin – Glam Affair “Roza Gacha 07”
Hat – Hatpins “Lady Agatha Mourning”
Bracelets – Amourous “You”
Necklace – Twisted and Spoiled Necklace
Gloves – Blacklace “Salacious; Black Satin Gloves”
Earrings – :+*R*+: Daphnis Pierced Earrings
Lips – *LpD* MakeUp – *Megera* Only Lipstick
Lashes – LeLutka & FTL lashes, with R’icielli tattoo lashes added
Eyes – [sauce] “platinum fog “


Our theme for November will be “Minimalist Style” – this is a chance to brush up your research skills and get googling for tips and images! 

The Styling Challenge Returns!

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It’s back! We’re starting up the Styling Challenge again, just like the old original, but this time once a month instead of weekly.

The Styling Challenge gives SL models the chance to practice their styling skills and get feedback from their peers in a friendly environment.

Every month, a winner is chosen by votes of those present at the challenge. The prize is bragging rights as the winner, and their photo posted at the Model’s Workshop Auditorium and here on the Model’s Workshop blog! It’s a great way to raise your profile, and to network with industry professionals, and a great place to find new stores and designers too.

When: 1st Wednesday of the month, 4pm SLT
Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium 􀀄


Next Styling Challenge: WED 3RD OCTOBER @ 4PM SLT

*****October Theme*****

*****HOT RIGHT NOW!*****

Show us your best Autumn/Winter 2012 styling.

We’re looking for looks that could be straight off the pages of this month’s top fashion magazines.

Present us with your take on one of this season’s hot fashion trends!



If you plan to enter, you will need to produce a style card and introduction to your look – see below for some guidelines.

Any questions? Contact any one of the Styling Challenge team:
Beatrice Serendipity
Elisabet Lilliehook
Kellis Denimore
Khitten Kurka
Tiszo Cioc
You must be a member of the Model’s Workshop to enter and vote in the Styling Challenge – join by pasting this link into local chat inworld: secondlife:///app/group/0b48687e-b400-6d60-5547-48b114c49c8c/about

**Notes on preparing your Style Card

Thank you for participating in the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge. This challenge is a fun way to gain modeling experience and test your skills at styling SL’s hottest fashions! This is your chance to let your creativity shine through and impress the judges — your fellow peers.

One part of this includes the overall description of your styling challenge outfit. But realize that your time on the runway will be limited. As much as you may want to share every detail about your outfit, time may not permit. It’s important to focus on the things that will get everyone’s attention and make the connection between your look and the styling theme.

The way you describe your outfit (and the connection to the overall theme) is just as important in how you wear your clothing and accessories. To help you put your best foot forward, the MW Styling Contest team has put together some helpful hints on writing your styling card. Combining these hints with your own style and flair, your look just might be a winning style!

Good Luck and Happy Styling–

The Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Team

1. Introduction:
Reflect the styling theme of your outfit. Say one or two sentences that tells everyone how and why you styled your particular outfit. Was color your inspiration? Maybe a fabric? Or was it a specific RL designer? If you get stuck on this, a good way to start can be telling us the starting point for your outfit.

Whatever the source of inspiration,it is important to connect your whole look back to the theme. The judges/ audience will appreciate your explanation and it will help them when it comes time to vote.

2. Basic Information.

Let the judges/ audience know specifics about your outfit. Include information about your clothing (tops/blouses, pants, skirts, shoes, etc.) as well as your major accessories (such as skin, hair, jewelry, handbags, etc.).

it’s easiest to present this as a simple list, for example:

Top – Maitreya Madeup Blouse
Jeans – Mon Tissu Example Jeans
Boots – N-core High Heel Boots
Bag – My Big Bag
etc etc

Other appearance items such as stockings, undies, manicures, lashes, eyes, shades, etc. are optional items that may not require explicit explanantion UNLESS its crucial to the overall styling to the theme component.

Have your style card ready in a notecard before you take to the stage for the challenge, and cut and paste into local chat. Paste a few lines at a time, so people have time to read and digest. Be ready to answer questions and hear comments. And enjoy!


And we’re off!

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I was encouraged by all the volunteers who showed up to help keep MW a very active group. Let me summarize where things stand as of today (9/15/12).

Most of the organizational work happened at the 5 PM 9-13 meeting the transcript of which is in the previous blog. Only a few people showed up on 9-14 who volunteered for existing projects. Here is where things stand:

Astrokris Messmer and Lacie Benningborough volunteered to co-chair the group responsible for putting on workshops. They will continue the tradition of 5 PM Thursday workshops but try to expand to offer additional workshops at different times. They will be recruiting a staff to help them.

This is a BIG project and they can use all the help they can get. If you would like to lend a hand, contact either of the Chairs to volunteer. If you are on their staff, you would be expected to recruit speakers for workshops, publicize the event and host it. You may also be inclined to lead some workshops yourself once in a while. If so, please contact them. Even if your help consisted of just helping to line up a speaker only one time while allowing others to publicize and host, I’m sure that would be appreciated too. These are valuable and free workshops that are great opportunities to learn. Please give back to the group by doing your part to keep these workshops going. If you have an idea for a workshop speaker or want to give one yourself, feel free to contact Kris or Lacie. I’m sure they would appreciate your help.

There was some discussion of whether or not to try to continue the Teach For Tips program I had tried to start earlier in the Summer. The general consensus was to put that idea on hold for now.

The Styling Challenge will be chaired by Beatrice Serendipity. She plans to hold it as a monthly event, most likely the first Wednesday of every month at 4 PM. Contact Bea if you would like to help with that or possibly add a version at a different time.

Suki Rexen is planning a big convention with several workshops planned on various aspects of mesh. If you would like to help with that project, contact Suki.

MW has put on about a half dozen fashion shows over the years. Each was designed primarily to give people experience doing this. Most folks doing these have been in roles relatively new to them. They have been great learning experiences. Lacie Benningborough, the CEO of the former Catalyst of Fantasy agency, has agreed to take the lead putting on about 4 shows in the next year. Astrokris Messmer, the CEO of IC Motions and owner of the sim that hosts MW, has agreed to help with this. The plan is to continue to make these educational projects. Watch for notices. Also if you care to help, contact Lacie or AstroKris.

Lexi Vargas has agreed to put on a photo based monthly contest on Flickr. Watch for his notices about that. Again if you would like to help, contact Lexi.

Finally, Adriana Cerna will take over the lead with our blog. If you are interested in helping with that, please contact her.

Sequoia Nightfire, who has been instrumental in developing and maintain both the blog and flickr sites will work in the background with both Lexi and Adriana.

As MW Committee Chairs, these folks will be sending out notices to get their projects going or to announce events. Watch for their notices.

Don’t feel confined by the projects described above. There are plenty of other things that could be done that could contribute to the ongoing professional development of SL models. I have suggested other possibilities like limited series of workshops on basic runway skills, photography and photo editing. I have often dreamed of developing a resource library for example of where to buy good hair, animations, skins, shoes, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea for a project you’d like to do under the auspices of MW, please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.

So, we have plenty of things planned for the year. Again, please help if you can. MW is sustained by the energy and work of its group members.

Monica Balut

MW Meeting transcript September 13th 5pm

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[17:03:00] Monica Balut: Please read if you have not already done so. It will orient you to what I want to accomplish here today.
[17:03:11] Astrokris Messmer: Hey Kellis
[17:03:17] Monica Balut: Between today’s meeting and tomorrow’s (@ Noon) I’d like to get some clear direction about who will do what in the near future at MW.
[17:03:34] Monica Balut: Let me explain how I’d like to organize things. If someone is interested in leading a project under the auspices of MW, I would appoint you as “Committee Chair”. This would allow you to promote members to the “Staff” role. As Chair, you would report to me or perhaps my assistant.
[17:03:55] Monica Balut: Many of our events are coordinated via a Google Calendar. As required, I’d give people rights to post events on the calendar. This keeps everyone on the same page. If someone wanted to do something on the blog or flickr site, I also would have to give them access.
[17:04:13] Monica Balut: The Chair and Staff would be able to send out notices in the group to conduct their business.
[17:04:28] Monica Balut: I traditionally have given committees quite a bit of leeway in how they operate. My style is not to micromanage what people do, although I do expect people to stay in communication and I may hound you if I haven’t heard from you in a while.
[17:04:47] Monica Balut: Although I’m pretty easy to work with, I get annoyed at people who promise to do something then drop the ball without informing anyone. So if you volunteer for something please be responsible in following through. We all understand that things like RL sometimes get in the way of our best intentions. But I expect that you would communicate to whom you are working for about that.
[17:05:09] Monica Balut: This is a pretty general organizational framework that has worked well in the past. Does anyone have any questions about how this would operate?
[17:05:36] Astrokris Messmer: im good
[17:05:57] Monica Balut: Rather than get into all the details of how each committee would work, I’d rather focus here on getting clear about where we are headed. My aim is to decide on who is going to lead various committees or projects.
[17:06:15] Monica Balut: Once we decide that, we can ask for staff volunteers. More likely, I would expect the committee chairs to send out notices recruiting additional members.
[17:06:32] Monica Balut: The agenda is on the board behind me.
[17:06:52] Monica Balut: I don’t expect to get all the details of this agenda worked out tonight. I’d like to get most clear about the top ones. The others may take additional organizational meetings to put together.
[17:07:11] Monica Balut: OK. Let’s focus first on the regular workshops.
[17:07:27] Monica Balut: Traditionally we have done these at 5 PM on Thursdays. Often they have involved guest speakers. Other times they have been given by MW members or staff. They have also been held at other times. We’ve had varying success in holding them at Euro friendly times. We’ve even done a few for those in the Eastern hemisphere. We’ve even done some in non-english languages.
[17:07:27] Astrokris MessmerAstrokris Messmer listens
[17:07:56] Monica Balut: The work involved in leading this is that of lining up a topic and speaker on a regular basis, usually weekly although not necessarily so. Then someone has to publicize it for several days before the event and host the speaker the day of the workshop. It takes someone who is comfortable approaching potential speakers and who is well organized.
[17:08:22] Monica Balut: From personal experience, this can become a grind and a potential for burn out if only one person tries to do this. My STRONG recommendation is that this be done by a team, each of whom takes responsibility to organize a workshop on some schedule.
[17:08:40] Monica Balut: One person or perhaps a couple of people who can work well together can chair this committee. A staff of a half dozen people would not be out of the question.
[17:08:50] Lacie Beningborough: I would be happy to help in that area Monica
[17:09:00] Monica Balut: Who is interested in leading or working on this team?
[17:09:03] Astrokris Messmer: and I volunteer myself and Star
[17:09:12] Astrokris Messmer: 🙂
[17:09:15] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: thank you kris
[17:09:17] Tiszo Cioc: I will also
[17:09:25] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: I Suppor my MW
[17:09:27] Landa Vedrina: I too
[17:09:32] Monica Balut: Any willing to chair it?
[17:09:43] Lacie Beningborough: what does chairing entail?
[17:09:52] Astrokris Messmer: I volunter Lacie
[17:09:56] Lacie Beningborough: HAHAHAHAHA
[17:09:56] Astrokris Messmer: 🙂
[17:10:01] Astrokris Messmer: and I
[17:10:02] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: i second lacie
[17:10:05] Astrokris Messmer: can we co chair this
[17:10:07] Monica Balut: Keeping your staff doing what they are suppose to do
[17:10:18] Lacie Beningborough: ok we can do that..right ladies?
[17:10:19] Monica Balut: maybe lining up an occasional workshop
[17:10:33] Astrokris Messmer: Monica
[17:10:41] Monica Balut: but maily the chair makes sure the workshops get scheduled
[17:10:42] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: yes we have an idea
[17:11:00] Astrokris Messmer: I think thats great
[17:11:13] Astrokris Messmer: Could two peope chair this?
[17:11:23] Monica Balut: oh yeah
[17:11:27] Lacie Beningborough: 3
[17:11:28] Monica Balut: they did last year
[17:11:28] Astrokris Messmer: if Lacie and I co chaired, it might be helpful
[17:11:32] Astrokris Messmer: ok
[17:11:35] Astrokris Messmer: perfect
[17:11:40] Lacie Beningborough: Star too
[17:11:40] Monica Balut: the pple just need to work well together
[17:11:45] Lacie Beningborough: 3 is better
[17:11:48] Astrokris Messmer: ok
[17:11:53] Lacie Beningborough: yes?
[17:12:06] Monica Balut: So Lacie & Kris Co-chair?
[17:12:06] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: what
[17:12:08] Astrokris Messmer: ok perfect, like that idea
[17:12:12] Monica Balut: is that the proposal?
[17:12:20] Astrokris Messmer: Star yo in?
[17:12:23] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: I cant co chair but am here to support
[17:12:26] Astrokris Messmer: ok
[17:12:31] Lacie Beningborough: ok then Kris?
[17:12:37] Astrokris Messmer: yep all for it
[17:12:44] Monica Balut: The chairs would put together a team
[17:12:58] Monica Balut: and just keep me in the loop
[17:13:16] Monica Balut: I’d need to know who need access to the calendar
[17:13:22] Astrokris Messmer: me
[17:13:33] Monica Balut: yeah at least the chairs
[17:13:35] Zigrich Zsigmond: me
[17:13:38] Lacie Beningborough: HAHAHAHAHA
[17:13:38] Lacie Beningborough: yes Kris I suck at that
[17:13:44] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:14:08] Monica Balut: ok So Lacie & Kris co-chair the workshops committee
[17:14:14] Tiszo Cioc: I have to ask, are you looking for teachers?
[17:14:30] Astrokris Messmer: simply
[17:14:32] Astrokris Messmer: yes
[17:14:33] Lacie Beningborough: ok Kris you and I o.O
[17:14:35] Suki Rexen: now this newly formed committee is for Thursday Night Weekly workshop, correct?
[17:14:37] Monica Balut: we’ll get to that next Tiszo
[17:14:44] Tiszo Cioc: =)
[17:14:44] Astrokris Messmer: yes
[17:14:56] Astrokris Messmer: weekly Thurs workshop
[17:15:01] Monica Balut: What ever you all decide for times is fine
[17:15:07] Astrokris Messmer: right
[17:15:11] Monica Balut: I just suggest it be the same time each week
[17:15:12] Lacie Beningborough: kk
[17:15:19] Astrokris Messmer: hi Kim
[17:15:30] Monica Balut: So are you still going to hold to Thur at 5 PM?
[17:15:30] Lacie Beningborough: ok kris and I will co-ordinate that yes Kris?
[17:15:38] Astrokris Messmer: yep
[17:15:41] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: Hi Kim
[17:15:42] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: hugs
[17:15:50] Kim Rongyu: sorry I am late 😦
[17:16:01] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: thank you for coming np
[17:16:03] Astrokris Messmer: Glad yuor here Kim
[17:16:06] Monica Balut: Anyone want to be on that committee to help Kris and Lacie?
[17:16:09] Lacie Beningborough: Thurs @ 5 pm works well for me… you Kris?
[17:16:09] Astrokris MessmerAstrokris Messmer waves at Nani
[17:16:14] Astrokris Messmer: yep
[17:16:20] Astrokris Messmer: but lets talk later
[17:16:22] Monica Balut: If so, call out now
[17:16:23] Lacie Beningborough: kk
[17:16:32] Astrokris Messmer: yes
[17:16:36] Astrokris Messmer: Star will be
[17:16:43] Astrokris Messmer: Kellis?
[17:16:45] Astrokris Messmer: or Kim?
[17:16:48] Kellis: yes?
[17:16:56] Monica Balut: Chairs, You can send out notices for more help
[17:16:59] Kim Rongyu: Monica can I check one thing quickly?
[17:17:03] Astrokris Messmer: k
[17:17:12] Monica Balut: I’ll change your roles to allow that
[17:17:23] Monica Balut: sure Kim
[17:17:27] Lacie Beningborough: ♥ Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ♥
[17:17:37] Kim Rongyu: Models Workshop times
[17:17:49] Kellis: yes sure i can help in the commitee
[17:17:56] Monica Balut: What ever you all decide about times is fine with me
[17:18:14] Astrokris Messmer: so add kellis Monica
[17:18:17] Monica Balut: If we all work off the calendar we should stay in synch
[17:18:19] Kellis: yep
[17:18:26] Kim Rongyu: its now 1.22am for me
[17:18:30] Suki Rexen: agreed
[17:18:41] Monica Balut: The chairs will be able to add their own staff
[17:18:53] Suki Rexen: so 5pm workshops would not work for you, Kim?
[17:18:54] Monica Balut: I’ll get back to you later when you have a def list
[17:19:05] Kim Rongyu: id there a possiblilty that we don;t work on USA time?
[17:19:15] Monica Balut: Kim maybe you’d want to do somehting earlier?
[17:19:15] Suki Rexen: but earlier times would…. so we could always schedule another time
[17:19:17] Astrokris Messmer: yes Kim
[17:19:26] Monica Balut: I’m hoping to get some intested in that tomorrow
[17:19:27] Kellis: for me its 2.18 am so a bit earlier would be nice
[17:19:33] Kim Rongyu: sorry bit 6pm is like 2am for me
[17:19:34] Astrokris Messmer: please let us drum through this points
[17:19:38] Astrokris Messmer: I so agree
[17:19:49] Monica Balut: Drop by at the noon meeting tomorrow
[17:19:50] Astrokris Messmer: lol kellis
[17:19:54] Astrokris Messmer: damn girl
[17:20:02] Monica Balut: I’d love to see some earlier workshops too
[17:20:14] Monica Balut: maybe even a diff group coordinating that
[17:20:19] Nani WrigglesworthNani Wrigglesworth waves at monica
[17:20:30] Monica Balut: So are we set on the main workshops?
[17:20:35] Lexi Vargas: Yes, early would be nice. I have many brit friends that just can’t do much after 3pm Sl time
[17:20:56] Monica Balut: Kris and Lacie will chair and plan on a 5 PM Thur series
[17:21:22] Lacie Beningborough: okies done!
[17:21:30] Monica Balut: Does anyone want to chair a committee for earlier times?
[17:21:31] Kim Rongyu: Monica can I suggest a seperate series for non-USA times?
[17:21:40] Monica Balut: Like Euro friendly?
[17:21:44] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: hats a good idea
[17:21:49] Tiszo Cioc: Please excuse me…I need to relog
[17:21:51] Astrokris Messmer: monica
[17:21:59] Monica Balut: Perhaps we can talk about that tomorrow at the noon meeting
[17:22:02] Kim Rongyu: 5pm is like 1am
[17:22:03] Astrokris Messmer: I think they need to be in one committee
[17:22:11] Astrokris Messmer: so I can say talk to Kim
[17:22:16] Astrokris Messmer: and we can engage
[17:22:22] Astrokris Messmer: an earlier time
[17:22:28] Astrokris Messmer: workshops etc
[17:22:39] Astrokris Messmer: they way we can help each other
[17:22:42] Monica Balut: I’m fine with just one committee if you and Lacie want to so both
[17:22:47] Astrokris Messmer: yep
[17:22:49] Suki Rexen: agreed
[17:22:58] Astrokris Messmer: Kim would please help me with this?
[17:23:06] Kim Rongyu: well I can try
[17:23:12] Astrokris Messmer: I know youll be perfect
[17:23:16] Monica Balut: but with the cahlendar and talking to each other the chairs of 2 committees could work it out too
[17:23:26] Astrokris Messmer: nope dont like it
[17:23:32] Suki Rexen: true
[17:23:33] Sequoia Nightfire: sorry to pop in late Monica previous event to clean up
[17:23:36] Lacie Beningborough: well I am not good with 2..but if Kris would like to do that and then let me know that’s cool… I can co-ordinate like that
[17:23:49] Astrokris Messmer: nope one committee
[17:24:03] Monica Balut: So Kris and Lacie want to run the whole series to perhaps include other times than 5 PM Thur
[17:24:04] Astrokris Messmer: Lacie and I run the show for all workshops
[17:24:16] Astrokris Messmer: and we will get EURO and ASIA involved
[17:24:24] Monica Balut: I’m ok with that if that’s what you want to do
[17:24:31] Monica Balut: It’ll be a lot of work
[17:24:35] Astrokris Messmer: if your EURO time or ASIA
[17:24:36] Kim Rongyu: not that easy Kris
[17:24:38] Lacie Beningborough: hang on brb
[17:24:41] Sequoia Nightfire: ssssh Monica
[17:24:42] Astrokris Messmer: please speak up and join
[17:24:47] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:24:52] Astrokris Messmer: Hey Seq
[17:24:58] Sequoia Nightfire: hi sis
[17:25:03] Monica Balut: Anyone else want to help lining up workshops?
[17:25:07] Suki Rexen: Ihave an idea
[17:25:33] Monica Balut: Lacie & Kris if at least one fo you can come at noon tomorrow we can perhaps line up more pple
[17:25:36] Suki Rexen: I think we could use Machinima to help us
[17:25:54] Monica Balut: with workshops Suki?
[17:26:12] Suki Rexen: we could start to tape the workshops that do not require hands on
[17:26:32] Monica Balut: Yeah I’ve thought of the same thing Suki
[17:26:33] Suki Rexen: and then we could “air them” at euro and asia friendly times
[17:26:47] Monica Balut: They could be posted on a google drive in the cloud
[17:26:49] Lacie Beningborough: Great idea Suki
[17:26:51] Tiszo Cioc: oh thats a good idea
[17:26:55] Suki Rexen: or we could have a “film” section on the Webpage
[17:27:01] Monica Balut: yeah
[17:27:11] Monica Balut: I’ll let the chairs work that out
[17:27:18] Astrokris Messmer: and I am bringing on a video team to support iC
[17:27:25] Astrokris Messmer: Cheif Blackhawk
[17:27:27] Suki Rexen: I think that trying to get lectures for all the time zones… could be a bigger problem
[17:27:33] Astrokris Messmer: so let me talk with him too
[17:27:34] Beatrice Serendipity: aren’t the workshops usually in chat?
[17:27:48] Monica Balut: any medium you want
[17:27:49] Sequoia Nightfire: spaeking of which if any tech savvy people want a larger role in the blog let us know
[17:27:54] Monica Balut: its up to the speaker
[17:28:09] Suki Rexen: I remember a time when they were, Monica
[17:28:10] Monica Balut: BTW, I’ll start off the first workshop next week at 5 PM Thur. I’m going to talk about what models need to know about how SL animations work (not how to make animations). This will be topics like SL animation states, animation priorities and bone control as well as some basic discussion of how AO’s and pose players work. Time permitting I may also likely touch on issues related to lag.
[17:28:13] Beatrice Serendipity: simplest would be to ppst the transcript on the blog, or send in group notices if they are
[17:28:22] Suki Rexen: and someone would make a transcript….to handout
[17:28:38] Astrokris Messmer: Did you clear that Monica with the Committee Chairs?
[17:28:39] Monica Balut: I’ll let you all work out the details of all that
[17:28:44] Astrokris Messmer: LOL
[17:28:44] Kim Rongyu: OK , can I request somethihng Monica?
[17:29:02] Monica Balut: sure Kim
[17:29:12] Kim Rongyu: that you post that on the MW website
[17:29:16] Suki Rexen: I think that making transcripts is long …tedious… and goes against the idea of a “workshop”
[17:29:24] Kim Rongyu: its way too late for most euros
[17:29:31] Astrokris Messmer: agree
[17:29:36] Monica Balut: post what? KIm?
[17:29:39] Astrokris Messmer: lets work offline on this one
[17:29:44] Kim Rongyu: chat log
[17:29:44] Astrokris Messmer: the transcripts
[17:29:50] Astrokris Messmer: for the meetings
[17:29:53] Beatrice Serendipity: making videos is a lot more work than copying and pasting chat though?
[17:29:54] Monica Balut: I use to do that regularly
[17:30:00] Monica Balut: I’d send out the chat log
[17:30:05] Monica Balut: in a group notice
[17:30:12] Suki Rexen: I might disagree with you Bea
[17:30:18] Lacie Beningborough: well the videos dont need to be prof quality like a show for example
[17:30:18] Astrokris Messmer: but not now
[17:30:23] Monica Balut: maybe we4 coulduse the blog too
[17:30:24] DjRoseAthena: I would say simply hold the same workshop twice with USA time zone and Euro Time Zone but not sure if it will work smoothly and a lot of times after the a workshop is done people are tired lol
[17:30:25] Lacie Beningborough: they just need to record the meeting is all
[17:30:26] Suki Rexen: maybe it’s time “air” Model’s workshop
[17:30:26] Kim Rongyu: many of us are not in the USA
[17:30:34] Suki Rexen: take it to the next level
[17:30:37] Monica Balut: I’ll let the committee work that out
[17:30:44] Monica Balut: OK, let’s go on to the next possible project.
[17:30:55] Monica Balut: Late last Spring, as we were struggling to keep workshops going, I had the idea of a Teach for Tips program. This would be similar to groups like Builders’ Brewery or Happy Hippsters where a teaching staff give focused workshops or a series of them for tips from the students.
[17:31:16] Monica Balut: I consulted with a number of people who all thought it was an idea worth pursuing. It seemed like a good way to allow people to learn basic skills.
[17:31:30] Monica Balut: I never got many people who were interested in teaching like this. Isodel and Suki each gave a class with limited response. Perhaps it was due to the fact that it was summer time in the northern hemisphere, or perhaps the idea was not as good as I thought.
[17:31:44] Monica Balut: So the question I have is: “Is a Teach for Tips program worth pursuing?” and if so is there anyone interested in teaching like this? If you are interested, contact me and I will take the lead organizing this for now.
[17:31:50] Beatrice Serendipity: I would proably find it intimidating to participate and ask questions if I was being filmed
[17:31:56] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: summers are slow
[17:32:04] Monica Balut: I would screen the staff. We would also try to make these events clearly different from the regular more general workshops. For example, I’d love to see a modeling basics series structure this way to help those with limited means to get some basic modeling training.
[17:32:11] Monica Balut: What do you all think of this idea? Is it worth pursuing?
[17:32:12] Kim Rongyu: also times are a problem
[17:32:28] Suki Rexen: well I would definitely like to be on that committee
[17:33:03] Monica Balut: The goal there would be to put together a teaching staff
[17:33:05] Suki Rexen: and I would be ok with offering class twice
[17:33:19] Suki Rexen: well count me in, sista
[17:33:25] Monica Balut: yeah classes like that are often repeated
[17:33:37] DjRoseAthena: so basically like modeling school?
[17:33:45] Suki Rexen: no….
[17:33:59] Monica Balut: well perhaps
[17:34:03] Suki Rexen: cause it can be really on anything that would help….us
[17:34:11] Suki Rexen: my class was on GIMP
[17:34:17] Monica Balut: yes Suki
[17:34:34] Monica Balut: but I would expect them to be more meaty that free workshops
[17:34:55] Monica Balut: The prob I have is how to distinguish them from the free workshops
[17:35:28] Kim Rongyu: thats simple, we have content
[17:35:31] Tiszo Cioc: I don’t mind doing something for free
[17:35:43] Suki Rexen: that is a problem….
[17:35:57] Monica Balut: Traditionally MW events have always been free
[17:36:35] Monica Balut: Well if anyone wants to try their hand at teaching like this, contact me and we can talk more about it
[17:37:02] Tiszo Cioc: sure
[17:37:02] Lacie Beningborough: I agree about MW being free… JS
[17:37:03] Tiszo Cioc: =)
[17:37:13] Monica Balut: I don’t get the impression there’s a big demand here for that
[17:37:18] Kim Rongyu: I thought MW always worked for free?
[17:37:24] Lacie Beningborough: yes
[17:37:30] Astrokris Messmer: agree
[17:37:34] Monica Balut: yeah that’s the prob Kim
[17:37:43] Monica Balut: Let’s put it on hold for now
[17:37:54] Monica Balut: Ok, on to the next project.
[17:38:03] Monica Balut: The Styling Challenge is something I started a couple years ago as a way to give people a chance to hone their skills in the essence of modeling, i.e. the ability to style.
[17:38:19] Monica Balut: I have to admit that, like most of the things I started at MW, I had a selfish motive. Usually when I feel inadequate at something or feel like I need to know more, I’ll start a workshop series and get you all to teach me. Hint, hint … you could do the same.
[17:38:32] Lacie Beningborough: HAHAHAHAHA
[17:38:43] Lacie Beningborough: < loves freaky styling 😛
[17:38:47] Monica Balut: I framed the Styling Challenge as an informal contest each week where we decided on a theme for the following week at the end. The winner got posted on the board on the right in the back of this room.
[17:38:58] Lacie Beningborough: oh mah gosh i so hate that gesture… sorry everyone
[17:38:59] Tiszo Cioc: hehe me too
[17:39:01] Kim Rongyu: OK sorry, my bed is callingb
[17:39:04] Monica Balut: I took turns hosting it with several other people. Last year, the format varied a bit and we tried to include a component using the flickr site. That seemed to complicate it a bit and we had more difficulty making it work.
[17:39:18] Astrokris Messmer: ok Kim
[17:39:20] Suki Rexen: GN Kim
[17:39:23] Astrokris Messmer: ❤
[17:39:26] Monica Balut: Beatrice Serendipity, one of SL’s best stylists, is a veteran of these contests. I actually had to hint that she lay low for a while since was blowing everyone out of the water. I always feel inadequate around Bea.
[17:39:26] Suki Rexen: Take care
[17:39:26] Astrokris Messmer: nite nite
[17:39:34] Kim Rongyu: bit late here
[17:39:45] Tiszo Cioc: Night =)
[17:39:46] Lacie Beningborough: niters
[17:39:50] Monica Balut: I’m pleased to say that Bea has graciously agreed to chair this event. If she needs any help she’ll recruit anyone she wishes. I have complete confidence in Bea’s doing a great job at this.
[17:40:05] Lacie Beningborough: *:-.,_,.-:*'“'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*
[17:40:05] Lacie Beningborough: Bea
[17:40:05] Monica Balut: Bea would you like to say anything here tonight about this?
[17:40:09] Astrokris Messmer: me too
[17:40:16] Beatrice Serendipity: thank you mOnica – you're making me blush!
[17:40:20] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:40:24] Astrokris Messmer: wow a FIRST!!
[17:40:38] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:40:45] Beatrice Serendipity: Just that I will need a small team to help make sure the challenge runs regualrly
[17:40:58] Monica Balut: Bea just needs to work out a regular time for this event
[17:41:09] Lacie Beningborough: I am happy to help you Bea if you need me… just hollah
[17:41:14] Beatrice Serendipity: Eli and Kellis have offered to help, but if there's anyone else who'd like to join the team, you will be most welcome
[17:41:15] Astrokris Messmer: me too
[17:41:28] Astrokris Messmer: kellis I love you 😛
[17:41:35] Kellis: awwww you do?
[17:41:37] Kellis: LOL
[17:41:39] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:41:42] Beatrice Serendipity: I'm thinking 4pm, 1st Weds of the month
[17:41:43] Monica Balut: The Challenge doesn't take a lot of work to run
[17:41:55] Kellis: okies
[17:41:57] Monica Balut: It practically can run itself
[17:42:24] Beatrice Serendipity: yes, it's not a lot – we just need to make sure word gets out, keep the profile high
[17:42:28] Monica Balut: It's nice to have a team to chair it in case Bea can't make it
[17:42:52] Monica Balut: Think about using the flick or blog for that too
[17:43:06] Monica Balut: I'm sure it's in good hands with Bea
[17:43:11] DjRoseAthena: I do have some experience with contests and love to help
[17:43:21] Beatrice Serendipity: thank you Rose
[17:43:36] Lacie Beningborough: lots of help for you Bea ♥
[17:43:41] Monica Balut: Ok are we good with the Challenge?
[17:43:45] DjRoseAthena: your welcome Bea 🙂
[17:43:53] Beatrice Serendipity: yay! thank you! let's make it really FUN
[17:43:56] Beatrice Serendipity: ㋡
[17:44:03] Astrokris Messmer: it will be bea
[17:44:08] Astrokris Messmer: bee or be
[17:44:11] Astrokris Messmer: or w/e
[17:44:16] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:44:21] Monica Balut: The Challenge has always been one of my favorite events
[17:44:29] Monica Balut: Let's move to the next item.
[17:44:39] Lacie Beningborough: oh mah gosh those gestures.. * note to self disable all gestures sheeesh
[17:45:05] Monica Balut: As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Suki Rexen wants to take a more active role in MW. She is planning a convention or sorts where a number of workshops will be held about different aspects of mesh.
[17:45:20] Monica Balut: If you would like to help Suki with this project, please contact her.
[17:45:26] Sequoia Nightfire: i click the box in firestorm to diusable gestures
[17:45:27] Monica Balut: Suki would you like to say a few words about this project?
[17:45:33] Sequoia Nightfire: hehe
[17:45:51] Suki Rexen: yes please
[17:45:57] Monica Balut: I have gestures disbaled so I have no clue what you're all talking about
[17:45:57] Sequoia Nightfire: awesome Suki
[17:46:04] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:46:09] Astrokris Messmer: Monica
[17:46:11] Lacie Beningborough: me next Monica * dies *
[17:46:37] Monica Balut: Suki?
[17:46:42] Suki Rexen: I have been asked to put on this seminar at a Happy Hippo….
[17:46:48] Suki Rexen: as well
[17:47:09] Suki Rexen: so It is the potential of being something really big and really good
[17:47:16] Suki Rexen: I just need my speakers
[17:47:26] Suki Rexen: and I could use all the help I can get
[17:47:39] Suki Rexen: I hope to put this up by Nov
[17:47:45] Suki Rexen: if not sooner
[17:47:50] Monica Balut: what would you like help with Suki?
[17:47:55] Suki Rexen: a seminar….
[17:48:08] Suki Rexen: 17:47] Suki R. Barrowstone (suki.rexen): and I could use all the help I can get
[17:48:22] Suki RexenSuki Rexen winks at Monica
[17:48:32] Suki Rexen: a seminar is a serious of workshops
[17:48:42] Suki Rexen: most of the time it last a whole day
[17:48:46] DjRoseAthena: I think if we knew what each role a person can do to help with would be cool
[17:49:00] Suki Rexen: well that's the thing, Rose
[17:49:13] Monica Balut: You may want to get in touch with gurus in mesh like Nalates Urriah and Giaa Clary
[17:49:23] Suki Rexen: I think a planning meeting would be the first step, and then we could see what roles are created
[17:49:30] Suki Rexen: yes
[17:49:32] Monica Balut: they could make everyone's head spin
[17:49:50] Suki Rexen: I have someone who is able to discuss the "bones"
[17:49:59] Sequoia Nightfire: yes i was going to marketplace to look for a new brain
[17:50:09] Tiszo Cioc: hehe
[17:50:13] Monica Balut: So if anyone wants to help Suki, just IM her
[17:50:17] Suki Rexen: but you found they were all used, aye?
[17:50:21] Beatrice Serendipity: Strawberry Singh did a mesh focused shape survey on her blog earlier this year – she might be a good preson to approach for input, maybe as a speaker
[17:50:31] Monica Balut: And Suki you should put out some more notices about that
[17:50:40] Suki Rexen: ok
[17:50:49] Monica Balut: for help
[17:50:56] Monica Balut: It's a big project
[17:50:57] Suki Rexen: ok, Tizzy, Rose, Bea… tysvm
[17:51:02] Suki Rexen: I will be intouch
[17:51:17] Monica Balut: I have to admit I'm not as up on mesh as I should be
[17:51:23] DjRoseAthena: anytime Suki 🙂
[17:51:34] Monica Balut: I tired making my own dress last week and it was a mess
[17:51:39] Monica Balut: LOL
[17:51:44] Astrokris Messmer: haha
[17:52:08] Monica Balut: I gotten great respect for pple who can make mesh clothing
[17:52:14] Monica Balut: it's very complicated
[17:52:21] Astrokris Messmer: ok I have 6
[17:52:23] Astrokris Messmer: 😉
[17:52:33] Monica Balut: That you made Kris?
[17:52:36] Astrokris Messmer: no
[17:52:41] Astrokris Messmer: I have a 6 oclock
[17:52:42] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:52:44] Monica Balut: oh
[17:52:48] Astrokris Messmer: :-))
[17:52:55] Monica Balut: Any more to say about that Suki?
[17:53:29] Astrokris Messmer: Suki its a greta plan…let me know if you need resources
[17:53:47] Monica Balut: yes a hot topic
[17:53:50] DjRoseAthena: Sorry but I have to BRB I'll be back quickly
[17:53:59] Monica Balut: Ok Let’s focus next on fashion shows.
[17:54:02] Suki Rexen: OOO I definitely will
[17:54:09] Monica Balut: They have always been framed as an opportunity for people to gain experience doing a show, experience they may otherwise find hard to acquire.
[17:54:23] Lacie Beningborough: I would like to toss my name and Kris' in the hat for that… you know how I love to do shows
[17:54:24] Monica Balut: Usually, one person comes forward to be the show Producer and goes from there. Usually, a production staff volunteers to be responsible for some aspect of the show. Usually, the models and staff are all relatively new to the role they take on.
[17:54:51] Astrokris Messmer: I like the idea of a Chair of this…..
[17:54:58] Astrokris Messmer: or more than one
[17:54:58] Monica Balut: Lacie was talking about an idea with me earlier
[17:55:19] Monica Balut: to have someone teach a seires of elite classes on how to put on show
[17:55:23] Monica Balut: then produce one
[17:55:29] Lacie Beningborough: yes like we did at COF
[17:55:33] Monica Balut: I thought that was as great idea
[17:55:34] Sequoia Nightfire: nominates Lacie
[17:55:42] Astrokris Messmer: I like that idea Lacie
[17:55:44] Suki Rexen: ohhhh no no
[17:55:46] Lacie Beningborough: thanks Seq ! ♥
[17:56:00] Suki Rexen: then you will be in competition with my academy
[17:56:03] Suki Rexen: (¯`v´¯)
[17:56:03] Suki Rexen: `*.¸.*´
[17:56:03] Suki Rexen: ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
[17:56:03] Suki Rexen: (¸.•´ (¸.•´ ❤LOL❤
[17:56:09] Astrokris Messmer: haha
[17:56:14] Sequoia Nightfire: i was at the infancy of COF and loved the unique concepts of this lady
[17:56:18] Suki RexenSuki Rexen face palms
[17:56:23] Astrokris Messmer: HAHA
[17:56:28] Astrokris Messmer: poor suki
[17:56:33] Monica Balut: Well the idea was to give pple an opportunity to learn
[17:56:38] Lacie Beningborough: aww bless your heart Seq
[17:56:47] Monica Balut: WE don't want to compete with any agency
[17:56:47] Suki Rexen: just trying to cover tiers …here
[17:56:50] Suki Rexen: ugh
[17:56:51] Astrokris Messmer: HAHA
[17:56:54] Lacie Beningborough: yes the COF elite class did exactly that
[17:57:02] Astrokris Messmer: cover tier?
[17:57:05] Astrokris Messmer: LOL
[17:57:16] Sequoia Nightfire: no more than 2 rehearsals though 😛
[17:57:23] Lacie Beningborough: we got the students to facilitate every aspect of a show..they came away knowing how to do everything
[17:57:30] Lacie Beningborough: HAHAHAHAHA
[17:57:30] Lacie Beningborough: @ Seq
[17:57:32] Monica Balut: When Annie Zorrick did it last year, she did more tutoring about it
[17:57:36] Astrokris Messmer: Lacie Im in…tell me what I have to do…you have iC Runways and lands at your disposal
[17:57:50] Astrokris Messmer: just fit them around my crazy scheudle
[17:57:52] Astrokris Messmer: lol
[17:57:54] Lacie Beningborough: wow thats awesome
[17:57:59] Monica Balut: And we have some facilities here too
[17:57:59] Lacie Beningborough: thanks Kris
[17:58:07] Monica Balut: Lacie can you handle all this?
[17:58:18] Astrokris Messmer: Ill help her Monica
[17:58:19] Monica Balut: seems like you're taking on a lot
[17:58:29] Lacie Beningborough: i think that between kris and i we sure can Monica and you know my love for producing shows 🙂
[17:58:35] Monica Balut: I'm game if you want to do it
[17:58:46] Astrokris Messmer: Suki is in too
[17:58:50] Astrokris Messmer: 🙂
[17:58:51] Lacie Beningborough: one show per month i think yes?
[17:58:59] Sequoia Nightfire: and you have to promise to bring your dad back to do the hosting
[17:59:00] Monica Balut: oh not that much
[17:59:01] Lacie Beningborough: perfect Suki
[17:59:14] Monica Balut: I'd be happy with just several a year
[17:59:15] Sequoia Nightfire: he is so cute
[17:59:16] Lacie Beningborough: lol lucas i can only try
[17:59:20] Monica Balut: even tow
[17:59:28] Lexi Vargas: one a month might be pushing it.
[17:59:29] Monica Balut: Lexi did you want to say something?
[17:59:34] Lacie Beningborough: well then thats even easier monuica not a problem
[17:59:56] Sequoia Nightfire: agrees with Lexi
[17:59:59] Lexi Vargas: shakes his head, "I am waiting for the flicker portion of the show"
[18:00:06] Monica Balut: The idea is just to give pple a chance to learn skills by doing
[18:00:12] Sequoia Nightfire: if you are going to actually teach it will take two months
[18:00:29] Monica Balut: yeah no big rush about this
[18:00:37] Astrokris Messmer: yeah 5-6 in the year
[18:00:42] Sequoia Nightfire: the learning then the hands on
[18:00:45] Astrokris Messmer: teach slow and easy
[18:00:53] Monica Balut: yeah no rush
[18:00:57] Lacie Beningborough: ok so 1 – 2 months?
[18:01:01] Lacie Beningborough: easily done
[18:01:01] Astrokris Messmer: yep
[18:01:01] Lexi Vargas: A seasonal fashion show would be nice
[18:01:04] Monica Balut: we are not a production company
[18:01:16] Lexi Vargas: 4 a year
[18:01:17] Tiszo Cioc: ahhh…no yelling…lololol. JKing
[18:01:23] Monica Balut: I would think no more than 4 YEAR
[18:01:35] Lacie Beningborough: perfect this gets easier and easier
[18:01:37] Sequoia Nightfire: and typically when we plan too much we have a burnout ratio to consider
[18:01:50] Monica Balut: Most of the pple will be new and the models very green
[18:02:04] Lexi Vargas: green is the new black?
[18:02:05] Monica Balut: Kim was involve with the last few we did
[18:02:07] Adriana Cerna: lol
[18:02:08] Astrokris Messmer: ok Monica have another mtg….
[18:02:12] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: lol
[18:02:17] Astrokris Messmer: Lacie lets talk soon
[18:02:22] Astrokris Messmer: Suki glad to meet you
[18:02:23] Monica Balut: Thanks for coming Kris
[18:02:26] Lacie Beningborough: yes Kris have you on yahoo
[18:02:26] StarliteStarbrite Constellation: ciao all i have meeting also
[18:02:34] Lexi Vargas: See you Star baby
[18:02:44] Monica Balut: Just a couple more agenda items and we're done
[18:02:54] Monica Balut: Our blog and flickr sites have been under-utilized resources in my opinion. A couple people tried to organize a blogging team a few years ago, but this didn’t go very far.
[18:03:00] Lacie Beningborough: me too if you dont mind i will get right on these two things… Monica just send me the permissions when you can… am very excited about this
[18:03:13] Monica Balut: k Lacie
[18:03:22] Monica Balut: I myself have negative interest in blogging so I’m terrible at keeping it up. Even my own flckr site tends to be neglected as well as my own blog.
[18:03:22] Lexi Vargas: I would like to run a flickr style/photo contest monthy…..sort of a take off of the old "make it work" contest they used to have here.
[18:03:27] Lacie Beningborough: hugs all tc
[18:03:29] Monica Balut: So, if anyone wants to take the lead with doing something more with either of these resources, please let me know.
[18:03:40] Adriana Cerna: I would like to volunteer to help out with this section
[18:03:48] Monica Balut: Just a photo contest Lexi?
[18:03:59] Monica Balut: I think that's a great idea
[18:04:09] Beatrice Serendipity: I'm happy to contribute to the blog – post pics of styling challenge winners and publicise it on the blog
[18:04:28] Sequoia Nightfire: terrific
[18:04:42] Monica Balut: Does someone want to chair the blog team?
[18:04:52] Tiszo Cioc: I can help w/ setting prims correctly
[18:04:52] Lexi Vargas: How "Make it work" went was there was a theme and a box of props every month and people used the props in a photo…points given on creativity and styling
[18:05:27] Monica Balut: yeah we can't use Make it work as a name
[18:05:41] Lexi Vargas: Right…"I would make a new name for it."
[18:05:45] Adriana Cerna: lol
[18:05:47] Monica Balut: I promised Nave when he left that he could have that
[18:05:58] Zigrich Zsigmond: yea i remember that i was in it too long time tho monica ;lol
[18:06:01] Kellis: brb
[18:06:09] Sequoia Nightfire: yes make a new name Make it work was Kimmera's
[18:06:12] Monica Balut: Are you talking about a live part of the contest as well?
[18:06:25] Monica Balut: or just Flick
[18:06:30] Monica Balut: Flickr
[18:06:32] Lexi Vargas: I would perfer it stay photos only……for flikr.
[18:06:44] Monica Balut: I like the idea of photos only
[18:06:50] Monica Balut: it adds another dimension
[18:07:05] Adriana Cerna: I don't mind chairing the blog team if no one else would like the position, Monica.
[18:07:08] Sequoia Nightfire: i do too or it gets invasive of Bea's thing
[18:07:24] Monica Balut: agreed Seq
[18:07:28] Zigrich Zsigmond: ?
[18:07:34] Lexi Vargas: will gladly offer to run the contest.
[18:07:39] Monica Balut: So Adriana want to chair the blog
[18:07:49] Monica Balut: and Lexi will chair a flickr contest
[18:07:52] Kellis: back
[18:07:55] Adriana Cerna: perfectly fine with me 🙂
[18:07:56] Sequoia Nightfire: i second those
[18:08:02] Monica Balut: Anyone want to help them?
[18:08:08] Kymsara Rayna: I can help Lexi
[18:08:20] Sequoia Nightfire: i will get them aclimated
[18:08:44] Sequoia Nightfire: get them into positions to do as they need in each
[18:08:53] Monica Balut: SEq can you give them the access they need?
[18:09:04] Sequoia Nightfire: lol yup just said
[18:09:11] Monica Balut: Bea and Adriana for the blog
[18:09:21] Monica Balut: and Lexi and Kym for flickr
[18:09:28] Sequoia Nightfire: emhmm
[18:09:33] Monica Balut: ty
[18:09:45] Monica Balut: Finally, what we have discussed so far are things we have done in the past. The potential for other projects, within our mission statement, is only limited by our imagination.
[18:09:59] Monica Balut: For example, a couple years ago I wanted to learn more about SL photography and photo editing. I organized a workshop series where we focused on that each week. Most of us were the blind leading the blind. However, out of that emerged a leader. Shae Sixpence who is a RL graphic artist, took it over and taught us many of the basics of photo editing. I learned a great deal from her in the year that we did this.
[18:10:26] Monica Balut: Unfortunately, Shae has since left SL and is no longer available to do this. I miss her a lot. But the point is, don’t be afraid to jump into doing something. SL provides unlimited opportunities to learn if you take charge of your own learning.
[18:10:43] Monica Balut: So, if anyone wants to lead a project related to modeling, get in touch with me.
[18:10:48] Sequoia Nightfire: Monica
[18:10:57] Monica Balut: yes Seq
[18:11:06] Sequoia Nightfire: if i might speak to the flickrs
[18:11:13] Monica Balut: sure
[18:11:20] Sequoia Nightfire: there are actually two flickrs
[18:11:38] Sequoia Nightfire: one was set for the styling and then we had one for general input
[18:12:17] Sequoia Nightfire: the styling contest was by itself so photos would not be conflicted with with other photos
[18:12:33] Monica Balut: Should we start a new Flickr?
[18:12:37] Sequoia Nightfire: do we want to keep two going or just one?
[18:12:57] Monica Balut: perhaps Lexi could use the contest one?
[18:13:01] Sequoia Nightfire: i say not to start a new
[18:13:03] Beatrice Serendipity: I suggest keep the genral one, and make a new one for the new contests
[18:13:05] Monica Balut: What do you think?
[18:13:19] Adriana Cerna: I agree with Bea
[18:13:21] Beatrice Serendipity: can you rename groups in Flickr?
[18:13:22] Sequoia Nightfire: but i would like to lay some rules for the regular
[18:13:38] Suki Rexen: there are other photo sharing sites… so we could consider using one that isn't Flickr and then we wouldn't get confused
[18:13:51] DjRoseAthena: Sorry all but RL calls. Anyone is welcome to keep me updated of course. Have a wonderful night
[18:13:56] Sequoia Nightfire: i say stay in flickr
[18:14:04] Monica Balut: I think we should stay with Flickr. Everyone knows that
[18:14:06] Beatrice Serendipity: that would be more confusing for me….there are so many diff sites to follow
[18:14:07] Adriana Cerna: night Rose 🙂
[18:14:11] Tiszo Cioc: night rose =)
[18:14:19] Adriana Cerna: I think majority are on Flickr, no?
[18:14:23] Lexi Vargas: Yeah i would rather stay with flikr, there are a great many SL people there already
[18:14:24] Sequoia Nightfire: it is like apps if we get too far afield will lose people
[18:14:25] Suki Rexen: well what I am saying is… keep the flickr you have…
[18:14:26] Beatrice Serendipity: and there is a huge sl flickr community
[18:14:43] Suki Rexen: well see that is where the blog is underutilized
[18:14:54] Monica Balut: I say use the contest one for Lexi's project
[18:14:59] Suki Rexen: because we can coordinate all the sites through the blog
[18:15:01] Monica Balut: and keep the general one
[18:15:06] Beatrice Serendipity: could it change it's name?
[18:15:14] Sequoia Nightfire: yes
[18:15:19] Lexi Vargas: Works for me.. What is it called now?
[18:15:25] Sequoia Nightfire: talk to me later
[18:15:35] Beatrice Serendipity: it's just it's called stlying challenge at the moment, and the contest won't be called that
[18:15:46] Sequoia Nightfire: i'll get those who need access in
[18:15:58] Sequoia Nightfire: the other issue i wanted to discuss was this
[18:16:12] Beatrice Serendipity: srry my typing has gone to pot, it's 2.25 here
[18:16:30] Monica Balut: OMG Bea go to bed
[18:16:49] Sequoia Nightfire: i saw one person using the MW as their personal drop box and the person doing it was not of the body type we most associate with runway
[18:17:30] Adriana Cerna: we can always set it to admin approval needed
[18:17:33] Adriana Cerna: ?
[18:17:47] Monica Balut: WE really should have someone who manages that site
[18:18:03] Sequoia Nightfire: i was watching it
[18:18:05] Monica Balut: Are you still into doing that Seq?
[18:18:10] Beatrice Serendipity: you can set up any number of admins and moderators in flickr groups
[18:18:32] Tiszo Cioc: lmao, I have 2 blog sites…and I have forgotten about them…so, I'm no help there
[18:18:34] Tiszo Cioc: lol
[18:18:43] Sequoia Nightfire: and managing was on my mind but would be unfair for me or anyone to censor without group approval so that is why i am asking
[18:19:01] Lexi Vargas: idles out for a bit…..dinner is calling me.
[18:19:21] Beatrice Serendipity: we need a simple set of rules for posting to the group – like photos that relate to MW directly maybe?
[18:19:32] Monica Balut: I'm fine with you censoring. I trust your judgemtn Seq
[18:19:34] Sequoia Nightfire: Bea that is not the point the point is where do we draw the line and we need to be clear so we are not singling out any
[18:19:52] Monica Balut: Like a set of rules Seq?
[18:19:55] Sequoia Nightfire: ok i like that
[18:20:12] Monica Balut: like no nudity
[18:20:16] Sequoia Nightfire: it just has never come up and is important i think we do set group standards
[18:20:23] Monica Balut: and photo related to modeling
[18:20:31] Monica Balut: and fashion
[18:20:51] Monica Balut: Not just someone's wedding photos
[18:20:54] Monica Balut: LOL'
[18:20:56] Beatrice Serendipity: I'm suggesting the line is drrawn at whether the photo directly relates to MW or not Sequoia? as in, photos from a workshop, a show, a rehearsal, a styling challenge, the contest…..
[18:21:14] Monica Balut: oh …
[18:21:22] Adriana Cerna: I think that would be the easiest way to sort out the photos that come in
[18:21:23] Sequoia Nightfire: ok good thats a good rule does the body agree?
[18:21:30] Adriana Cerna: I agree 🙂
[18:21:38] Tiszo Cioc: yup
[18:21:40] Monica Balut: Bea we have been pretty liberal about letting pple post in the past
[18:21:44] Kymsara Rayna: yes
[18:22:19] Monica Balut: what are we agreeing to?
[18:22:29] Monica Balut: Bea's suggestion?
[18:22:40] Sequoia Nightfire: what i love about MW and why i have tried to devote my energy here as able is that it gets new people a way in so it is also important you all speak your mind all comments are appreciated
[18:22:43] Beatrice Serendipity: people can post all over flickr though, it's not like they won't have anywhere to post their pics
[18:23:27] Beatrice Serendipity: it could even be "her's what I wore to the mw workshop last night" would be in
[18:23:34] Monica Balut: so the proposal is to limit MW flickr use to MW related events?
[18:23:38] Beatrice Serendipity: but "here's my new prim baby" wouldn't
[18:23:44] Adriana Cerna: lol
[18:23:46] Sequoia Nightfire: lol Bea
[18:24:02] Monica Balut: what about here's my rendition of great outfit
[18:24:04] Monica Balut: X
[18:24:29] Beatrice Serendipity: yoou can post that naywhere Monica – there are a trillion sl fashion groups on flickr
[18:24:32] Sequoia Nightfire: ok i think that is quite clear and i will update the flickr accordingly and the chairs can cesnsor
[18:25:08] Monica Balut: ok so limit to MW events
[18:25:15] Monica Balut: we all ok with this?
[18:25:27] Adriana Cerna: yes
[18:25:33] Tiszo Cioc: sounds good
[18:25:45] Monica Balut: any other comments / suggestions?
[18:25:49] Monica Balut: We should rap up
[18:26:12] Monica Balut: I think we’ve accomplished a great deal today. As need be, I’m sure there’ll be other organizational meetings as groups get up and going.
[18:26:24] Monica Balut: I'll be hosting this meeting again tomorrow at Noon. Once I get it all sorted out, I'll let everyone know
[18:26:37] Monica Balut: Thank you all for coming.