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Strut It Hud Invite PNG

April 13th at 3pm SLT, Model’s Workshop hosted the very charming CEO of New York Modeling Agency, Martin Glom. Mr. Glom held a very informative workshop perfect for beginning models learning the Strut It HUD tool. The session was held in Skype so that Mr. Glom was able to share his screen and explain exactly what he was doing with each step. Learning about this tool is invaluable for new models so hopefully you didn’t miss it. If you did miss the workshop and you are interested in attending another, please contact AriannaJasmine Resident, COO of Model’s Workshop. If we have enough further interest we will be glad to bring Mr. Glom back for an additional session. We want to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Glom for the very informative and successful  presentation. Stay tuned for additional workshops on a variety of topics coming  soon!

Strut It HUD Workshop in Progress

MW Welcomes MMI 2017!

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Frolic Mills Advanced Modeling Academy Invite Texture a

March 16th at 10AM  &  5PM(slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Mr. & Miss Model 2017 has come to an end, now it’s time to meet the winners!

Join us for a Model’s Workshop Presentation to chat about this year’s MMI competition.

Meet the contestants and those behind this popular pageant such as Ava Jhamin, CEO and Cyberdawg Foxclaw COO of MMI. Learn firsthand about the contestant’s experiences, find out about the feedback process,  learn more about competitive modeling and this extra special competition! .

See you there!

Anti-Bullying Workshop Recap

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Cyberbullying has become a very serious issue for many in Second Life. Model’s Workshop and others partnered with Model’s Giving Back in the Speak No Evil Anti-Bullying/Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign that was started by Jamee Sandalwood and ran from February 7 – February 28 to bring awareness to and help combat the growing trend of cyberbullying.

Antibullying slide

In support of the Speak No Evil Campaign, Model’s Workshop held an Anti-Bullying Workshop on February 28 at 11AM and 5PM (slt) to help educate its members on how to recognize and understand cyberbullying and what to do to stop it. MW members came out to learn, listen…some even shared their own experiences. Read the rest of this entry »

Anti-Bullying Workshop RESCHEDULED

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Anti-Bullyig Workshop

The ANTI-BULLYING WORKSHOP originally scheduled for Feb 23rd was cancelled due to illness.

Tuesday, February 28 at 11AM & 5PM (slt)

(both sessions are the same)

Model’s Workshop HQ (teleport)

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you there.

About the Workshop: As one of the partners in the Speak No Evil Anti-Bullying Campaign at Models Giving Back, Model’s Workshop invites anyone who has been bullied, witnessed bullying or is as eager as WE are to stop bullying. Learn how to identify bullying and stop it in its tracks. Understand the differences between bullying and criticism…and more.

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

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Mesh for Males with Caesar Langer

Mesh for Males Workshop with Caesar Langer

Wednesday, December 14 at 4PM (SLT)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Hey guys…this one is for you! If you’re thinking about finally bringing your avatar into the mesh evolution, join us for a workshop to help you do just that. Caesar Langer, Mr. Virtual World 2015, model, blogger and photographer, will offer tips on finding the best mesh clothing and accessories for male avatars. Don’t miss it!

MMI 2017 Info Session Recap

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MMI 2017 - Panel
(l-r) AriannaJasmine, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, Ava Jhamin

It was an exciting day on December 1, 2016 at Model’s Workshop. We had two incredible information sessions with Ava Jhamin, CEO of L’Amour Productions, Cyberdawg Foxclaw, COO of Mr. & Miss Model International and AriannaJasmine, the reigning Miss Model International. Ava and her team came by to tell us what is in store for MMI in 2017, and to offer advice and provide all of the necessary information to those who want to participate in the Competition.

Mr. & Miss Model International is in its third season, and like previous years, it promises to deliver fun and unique challenges, fair judging, incredible prizes and most importantly a fabulous educational experience for participants. Ava stressed that her organization doesn’t care who you are behind the screen.“We want you to represent who you want to be on SL. You be you!” She added, “We don’t voice verify. We look solely at how well you can style and represent yourself in the Competition, and how well you can represent MMI as the winner.” Read the rest of this entry »

MMI 2017 Info Session

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MMI 2017 Info Session

MMI 2017 Information Session

Thursday, December 1 at 10AM & 4PM (slt)
Model’s Workshop Auditorium (Teleport)

Model’s Workshop welcomes Ava Jhamin and the MMI team for a one-hour info session on one of SL’s top Styling Competitions, Mr. & Miss Model International. If you’re undecided and have questions about MMI, come meet the team and get answers. Hear from past contestants, learn what it takes to be a winner, and get all of the information you need to enter this exciting Competition.

(Conducted on voice. Enable sound upon arrival.)

Frolic Mills Returns With a New School

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Trinity Graves and Frolic Mills
Trinity Graves and Frolic Mills

We had the pleasure of welcoming Frolic Mills back to the SL fashion world with a one-hour introduction to his new school, Advanced Modeling Academy, at Model’s Workshop on November 10, 2016. Joining him on stage was a member of his team, Trinity Graves, who started the session with a brief description of what the school has to offer, such as basic runway, advanced styling, photography, blogging, public relations and Frolic’s famous color matching techniques. Read the rest of this entry »

FashionDish: Model/Agency Loyalty

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MW FashionDish: Model/Agency Loyalty

November 7 at 10am and 5pm (slt)
Model’s Workshop (teleport)

Come join the discussion on Model/Agency Loyalty. What are the expectations of an agency to their models and vice versa? Should a model be loyal to one agency or more? Why do some agencies cast the same models from one show to the next? Let’s talk, debate, share.

Art & Fashion by John & Eleseren

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John & Eleseren

John and Eleseren Brianna visited Model’s Workshop to give a talk on Art & Fashion in Second Life. The session took place on Tuesday, October 25th and had a packed room of guests who were eager to learn more about the topic. READ DETAILS about the event and check out photos