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FashionDish May 2017

The subject of this month’s FashionDish was “Bento Acceptance”.  The group met to discuss that although Bento Mesh is now out and being sold by many designers in the way of Bento Heads and Bento Hands, models are being advised not to use them on the runway or at many schools. There was talk of how models are supposed to stay up to date on the newest items and technology  in order to remain current. The challenge being that many models recounted being told not to use that new technology on the runway or in classes. Everyone discussed various reasons why this might be including the fact that many still haven’t updated their viewers to be able to see Bento technology. Reasons were cited as to why some haven’t updated including individual’s computer graphics. There was talk of how it is expensive to maintain items for both system and Bento heads. The group decided it would be best to perhaps mention this to agency or school owners but of course the final decision would always be theirs. Models have to continue to abide by what the expectations are of individual agencies or schools if they wish to continue to work with them. Most everyone agreed that they hoped they would be able to use their Bento Mesh all the time, everywhere, as soon as possible.  If you missed this fabulous chat, please join us next time for FashionDish. Date and time to be announced soon, stay tuned!


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