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Strut It Hud Invite PNG

April 13th at 3pm SLT, Model’s Workshop hosted the very charming CEO of New York Modeling Agency, Martin Glom. Mr. Glom held a very informative workshop perfect for beginning models learning the Strut It HUD tool. The session was held in Skype so that Mr. Glom was able to share his screen and explain exactly what he was doing with each step. Learning about this tool is invaluable for new models so hopefully you didn’t miss it. If you did miss the workshop and you are interested in attending another, please contact AriannaJasmine Resident, COO of Model’s Workshop. If we have enough further interest we will be glad to bring Mr. Glom back for an additional session. We want to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Glom for the very informative and successful  presentation. Stay tuned for additional workshops on a variety of topics coming  soon!

Strut It HUD Workshop in Progress


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