MW Self Esteem Workshop

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Self Esteem Workshop Invite

On March 23rd, 2017, Suki Rexen, Owner and CEO of Model’s Workshop presented a workshop on self esteem. As a RL counseling psychologist  she is well versed on the subject and her knowledge was invaluable as she lectured to the very interested group that attended.

Self Esteem Workshop 1

Attendees were asked to examine geometric representations of self esteem and choose the one they best identified with. Suki then revealed the meanings behind each and talked about ego and how we use self preservation tactics to protect ourselves. All in all it was a fascinating discussion. The models agreed building self esteem and confidence can only help further modeling careers in SL .

See more photos of the event on the MW Flickr.



One thought on “MW Self Esteem Workshop

    […] Thursday (March 23) I attended a workshop on self -esteem at Model’s Workshop. A good portion of the workshop centered around us […]


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