Art & Fashion Workshop

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Art & Fashion

When: Tuesday, October 25 at 5PM/SLT
Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Join us as we welcome John and Eleseren Brianna, the dynamic duo at Kultivate Magazine, The Edge and Windlight Art Gallery, to speak about Art & Fashion in SL.


The talk will focus on art and how this important form of expression brings life, passion and provocative statements to our style, on and off the runway.

As we all know, art and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion designers, being artists, create from their imagination and put on a digital canvas what they envision as artistic and fashionable. John and Eles together represent both worlds and offer a space for budding artists and designers to showcase their work.

After the presentation Eles and John will be giving away some very cool prizes for both guys and girls, so stick around for the draw at the end.


Eles, who is COO and Fashion Editor at Kultivate Magazine, Editor and Curator at The Edge and the winner of Miss Virtual World 2015, is well known for her styling excellence and is one of the most recognized models in fashion. Her partner John (johannes1977), is the Owner of Kultivate Magazine (formerly Windlight Magazine) and Windlight Art Gallery. Both are involved in numerous fashion shows, charity events and art exhibits that showcase the incredible talents of artists in Second Life.

See you there!


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