Model’s Workshop FASHION-5! Program


FASHION-5! is a series of fashion shows developed by Model’s Workshop to fulfill its objective to assist aspiring models, giving them a platform to practice their skills. It consists of…

  • 5 MODELS

Each month, for 5 months, a designer is featured in a runway show that is hosted by Model’s Workshop and consists of 5 models and volunteer production staff. This is a fast-paced production that gives exposure to models and designers alike, presented in a fun, educational and fresh approach to modeling.


  •  All staff donate their time and talents to this exciting, educational adventure.
  • A casting is held for each show—only active MW Staff and Group members are eligible to participate in the castings.
  • MW Staff and Group members are invited to learn behind the scenes as show directors, model coordinators, stylists, scriptwriters and other roles as required.
  • Show theme, venue, runway, walk routines, designers, marketing advertising for each show are pre-selected and/or pre-arranged, so models be prepared to style quickly, learn quickly and practice, practice, practice. And don’t worry! You have experienced models available to assist you through the whole process.
  • Models are paid in clothing and some have found great opportunities through their Fashion-5 experience.

This adventure is specifically created to give models some experience on the runway and behind the scenes where they will learn from some of the best in the fashion business. Recent graduates or aspiring models looking to sharpen their skills will get the opportunity to meet and work with talented designers and stylists, form a network of fashion-industry professionals and build their résumé.

At the end of each show, one model who displayed the most poise, patience, professionalism and true zest of what it means to be a model (during production and show date) will be named Model of the Month at Model’s Workshop.

If you would like to be part of the MW FASHION-5 team, join the Model’s Workshop Group and watch for upcoming show and casting notices!

Join the Model’s Workshop Group

Model’s Workshop Management
(updated Jan 2015)

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