The Styling Challenge Returns!

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It’s back! We’re starting up the Styling Challenge again, just like the old original, but this time once a month instead of weekly.

The Styling Challenge gives SL models the chance to practice their styling skills and get feedback from their peers in a friendly environment.

Every month, a winner is chosen by votes of those present at the challenge. The prize is bragging rights as the winner, and their photo posted at the Model’s Workshop Auditorium and here on the Model’s Workshop blog! It’s a great way to raise your profile, and to network with industry professionals, and a great place to find new stores and designers too.

When: 1st Wednesday of the month, 4pm SLT
Where: Model’s Workshop Auditorium ō€€„


Next Styling Challenge: WED 3RD OCTOBER @ 4PM SLT

*****October Theme*****

*****HOT RIGHT NOW!*****

Show us your best Autumn/Winter 2012 styling.

We’re looking for looks that could be straight off the pages of this month’s top fashion magazines.

Present us with your take on one of this season’s hot fashion trends!



If you plan to enter, you will need to produce a style card and introduction to your look – see below for some guidelines.

Any questions? Contact any one of the Styling Challenge team:
Beatrice Serendipity
Elisabet Lilliehook
Kellis Denimore
Khitten Kurka
Tiszo Cioc
You must be a member of the Model’s Workshop to enter and vote in the Styling Challenge – join by pasting this link into local chat inworld: secondlife:///app/group/0b48687e-b400-6d60-5547-48b114c49c8c/about

**Notes on preparing your Style Card

Thank you for participating in the Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge. This challenge is a fun way to gain modeling experience and test your skills at styling SL’s hottest fashions! This is your chance to let your creativity shine through and impress the judges — your fellow peers.

One part of this includes the overall description of your styling challenge outfit. But realize that your time on the runway will be limited. As much as you may want to share every detail about your outfit, time may not permit. It’s important to focus on the things that will get everyone’s attention and make the connection between your look and the styling theme.

The way you describe your outfit (and the connection to the overall theme) is just as important in how you wear your clothing and accessories. To help you put your best foot forward, the MW Styling Contest team has put together some helpful hints on writing your styling card. Combining these hints with your own style and flair, your look just might be a winning style!

Good Luck and Happy Styling–

The Model’s Workshop Styling Challenge Team

1. Introduction:
Reflect the styling theme of your outfit. Say one or two sentences that tells everyone how and why you styled your particular outfit. Was color your inspiration? Maybe a fabric? Or was it a specific RL designer? If you get stuck on this, a good way to start can be telling us the starting point for your outfit.

Whatever the source of inspiration,it is important to connect your whole look back to the theme. The judges/ audience will appreciate your explanation and it will help them when it comes time to vote.

2. Basic Information.

Let the judges/ audience know specifics about your outfit. Include information about your clothing (tops/blouses, pants, skirts, shoes, etc.) as well as your major accessories (such as skin, hair, jewelry, handbags, etc.).

it’s easiest to present this as a simple list, for example:

Top – Maitreya Madeup Blouse
Jeans – Mon Tissu Example Jeans
Boots – N-core High Heel Boots
Bag – My Big Bag
etc etc

Other appearance items such as stockings, undies, manicures, lashes, eyes, shades, etc. are optional items that may not require explicit explanantion UNLESS its crucial to the overall styling to the theme component.

Have your style card ready in a notecard before you take to the stage for the challenge, and cut and paste into local chat. Paste a few lines at a time, so people have time to read and digest. Be ready to answer questions and hear comments. And enjoy!



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