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As most of you know, Model’s Workshop has been a place for the ongoing professional development of SL models since February, 2009.  It has been especially helpful to many new or aspiring models.  We have done many things in the last 3 years:  weekly workshops in modeling and photography, as well as contests to help people develop their skills in styling and general modeling.  We have produced a number of fashion shows explicitly to help models and those producing them to get experience they otherwise would find hard to get.  Our building has usually had a practice runway, a gym to hone your runway skills and free use of a professional photo studio.  It also can serve as a meeting place for members.  We also maintain a blog and a flckr site.  Many people have contributed to these projects.  MW has been successful in large part due to the contributions made by all of these people.

People’s willingness to contribute has ebbed and flowed over the years as people have come and gone for all sorts of reasons.  The last 3 or 4 months have been a particularly slow period for MW.  In fact there has been little or nothing going on this summer.  My own energy for SL has hit a low and has not returned to what it previously was.  I have found myself being more interested in other things such as mastering Photoshop and Blender and just other things in RL.  I would like to continue pursuing those interests which means less overall time for SL.

A number of people have asked me when MW will get going again.  There certainly seems to be considerable interest in keeping it going.  I too would like to see that happen.  I am certainly willing to continue providing general leadership for the group and to support the various projects that may be going on.  I do not want to be in a position of being responsible for organizing workshops or any particular project at this time.  I am willing to give an occasional workshop or to line up an occasional speaker.  If someone wants to work with me and take on the main role of COO, I am open to that.

If MW is to get going again, most of the work will have to come from the current membership, that is, all of you.  I am open to almost any activity or project that is related to SL modeling.

The weekly workshops have been the mainstay of MW or over 3 years.  Keeping this going is a fair amount of work.  My recommendation if you want to continue it, is for a team of people to share the responsibility, perhaps coordinated by one or two people.  It’s not easy to keep this going weekly.  Perhaps a reduced scheduled needs to be thought about.  In fact, workshops don’t even have to be at the same time all the time.  I’d love to see workshops at various times more convenient to people all over the world.

If someone wants to organize a specialized and / or time limited project,  I would love to see that happen too.  Suki Rexen has recently expressed an interest in organizing a major event about mesh.  The Styling Challenge workshops / contests have been well received in the past.  Late last Spring I tried to organize a Teach for Tips program in an effort to entice those who want to teach to earn some income while providing members with further opportunities to learn.  Perhaps the timing was wrong or the interest just wasn’t there, but this didn’t go very far.  I’m willing to pursue this again if there is interest.

Our fashion shows have generally been successful learning experiences for all involved.  I would love to see more of them take place.  All it takes if for someone who wants to take on the role of show producer and put together a team.  I’ll do what I can to support you while giving you freedom to learn and experiment

More could be done with our blog and Flickr sites.  If you’d like to take that over and perhaps organize some projects around them, I would certainly welcome that.

These are just a few of my thoughts.  As I said, I’m open to any suggestion that is related to our mission of the ongoing professional development of SL models.

I will host 2 meetings this week which will be attempts to get things going again at MW.  The first will be Thu 9/13 at 5 PM, the second Fri 9/14 at Noon.  If you would like to make a contribution to MW and would like to start getting organized at these meetings please come.  If you can’t make either of them and would like to make a contribution, or if you just want to talk over some ideas with me, please IM or NC me so we can talk about it.

At both of these meetings, I will be most interested in hearing from people who want to lead some project.  I will not focus much on brainstorming for ideas of what other people can do.  So if you want to make a contribution, please come with your ideas of what you would like to do and use the time to put a team together.

We have a beautiful building on a parcel donated to us by AstroKris Messmer the CEO of IC Motions.  Let’s not waste it.  MW is too valuable an asset to just waste away.  Although my time commitment to SL is reduced, I remain committed to keeping MW going.  Please help to keep this valuable resource alive.

Monica Balut


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