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I am still looking for models who want to add to their resumes by taking on roles outside of their current comfort zone.

Last night at the Model’s Workshop presentation BlackBarbie Braven presented several options for making additional money outside of modeling. Taking on a role to support the production of our April 30th show could allow you to test the waters and try one of the options presented.

Due to the huge success of our March 5th fashion show, MW would like to offer our next opportunity for you to participate in another fashion show production.

On April 30, 2011 we will have another MW Fashion Show. Leena Bianco has volunteered to take on the role of Director/Producer. We need to now establish a team to support this production.

✓ We have our clothing sponsor
✓ We have our hair sponsor
✓ We have our theme
✓ We have our place for the show

THANKS to all who have volunteered so far. I still have need needs for other volunteers and would love to have your assistance in ANY of the following areas:

1. assistant coach
2. wardrobe coordinator
3. script writer

Remember I am looking for both men and women. This is a hands-on learning experience so each of us will be taking on a new challenge.

Please Please fill out the information below and return the notecard to Leena Bianco.

MW Fashion Show – April 30th 2010 (noon)

Position of Interest:

Please remember this requires a commitment. Thanks so much…..LeenaB


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