Ghee Autumn Hunt Styling Challenge

Model's Workshop Styling Challenge - Ghee Autumn Hunt - Dec 1, 2014

Congratulations Amity Sorbet, winner of the Model’s Workshop Ghee Autumn Hunt Styling Challenge that happened on December 1, 2014. The challenge was a partnering with Warm Clarity-Jupiter and Bea Serendipity of Ghee in celebration of Autumn and Ghee’s Autumn Leaves Hunt. Participants were to find three or more items in the hunt and use those items to put together their best fall styling, which they presented at Model’s Workshop.

It was great to see some very cool styling on stage, including Second place winner Paris Evermore. As the winner Amity received $500L gift card to Ghee PLUS the opportunity to model for a vendor display of one of Ghee’s new releases.

Thank you Warm and Bea for sponsoring the event and for your ongoing support of Model’s Workshop.

Jena Adder

Photo by Amity Sorbet

Prism delivers at Model’s Workshop

Kramer Snookums

What an amazing time had by all on Sunday, November 23rd as Model’s Workshop Fashion-5 presented fall, winter and popular designs of PRISM. Three designers were featured under the Prism brand: Journey McLaglen, Jezzixa Cazalet and Lam Erin. Thank you to each for your generous support of Model’s Workshop, and a special thank you to Lynne Szuster (Evita Szuster) for your help with coordinating the outfits…READ MORE

Glam Dreams travel through time at MW

MW Fashion-5 Glam Dreams - Jena Adder

Model’s Workshop FASHION-5 hosted its third fashion show featuring designs by sandytpr Lysette of Glam Dreams. We were thrilled to see more than 70 avatars packed into the sim to support Model’s Workshop and Glam Dreams, and to take in a great show.

Five beautiful models, some experiencing their first runway show of their career, showcased stunning creations by Sandy. A sincere thank you to Sandy for her endless support of Model’s Workshop. We were honoured to wear her fabulous creations and present it to the SL fashion world in a fun, educational, entertaining way that took us all on a journey through time…READ MORE

Blacklace teases us at MW Fashion-5!

Lexa Zifer wearing Dark Delight

Lexa Zifer wearing Dark Delight

What a great show at Model’s Workshop on August 17th. We were all treated to the sultry, sexy designs of Mariska Simons of Blacklace Lingerie. Five gorgeous models showcased designs ranging from bra and panties, lingerie sets and negligé to elegant wedding gowns and burlesque costumes. Hosted by Sofia Diage (voice host and DJ) and Madeleine Paxson (text host), the show oozed sex and sophistication with some kinkiness thrown in, animals, mesh body parts and a beautiful, mesmarizing bridal dance performance…READ MORE

ghee Sparkles at Model’s Workshop

Shani (mscherie) wearing ghee's 'Vivid Garden Gown'

Shani (mscherie) wearing ghee’s ‘Vivid Garden Gown’

The first show of the Model’s Workshop Fashion-5! series of shows happened on Sunday, July 20 and featured ghee fashion by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity. The show was produced by Jena Adder and MC’ed by Sofia Diage and text hosted by Madeleine Paxson (malarian)READ MORE




Model’s Workshop is pleased to introduce it’s newly revamped fashion show program—FASHION-5!

  • 5 MODELS

Each month, for the next 5 months, a guest designer will be featured in a runway show that will be hosted by Model’s Workshop and consist of volunteer models and production staff. This will be a fast-paced production that will give exposure to models and designers alike, presented in a fun, educational and fresh approach to modelling.


  • All staff will donate their time and talents to this exciting, educational adventure.
  • Models will be paid in clothing only.
  • A casting will be held for each show—only active MW Staff and Group members are eligible to participate in the castings.
  • MW Staff and Group members are invited to help behind the scenes as show directors, model coordinators, stylists, script writers and other roles as required.
  • Show theme, venue, runway, walk routines, designers, marketing advertising for each show will be pre-selected and/or pre-arranged, so models be prepared to style quickly, learn the routine quickly and practice, practice, practice. And don’t worry! You will have model mentors available to assist you through the whole process, if needed.

This adventure is specifically created to give models some experience on the runway and behind the scenes where they will learn from some of the best in the fashion business. Recent graduates or aspiring models looking to sharpen their skills will get the opportunity to meet and work with talented designers and stylists, form a network of fashion-industry professionals and build their resume.

At the end of each show, one model who displayed the most poise, patience, professionalism and true zest of what it means to be a model (during production and show date) will be named Model of the Month at Model’s Workshop.

Our first show is July 20th at 3PM SLT and we will be featuring ghee Sparkling Couture Fashion by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity.

Join the Model’s Workshop Group and watch for casting details in coming days!

Contact Jena Adder if you have questions.

Matching Eyebrows

Originally posted on My Reflections:

Matching Eyebrows

I made a post in the DMC blog about matching eyebrows to hair bases color tones.  A discussion has come up about an apparent trend in RL, where RL models are sporting dramatically darker and thicker eyebrows….  According to an article I read, recently, matching eyebrows to hair color can take “years” off of someone, making them look younger and smoother.  Not too many models have to worry about that.  And… could it work in reverse in SL?  Meaning….adding age and “maturity” to an avatar’s face?   What’s your opinion?  I will be holding a discussion, presentation, on this topic in the next couple of weeks.  Just in time to put your new “photography” skills in practice….that you have been learning in Monica’s photography presentation! 

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