Blogging for Models with Beatrice Serendipity

Beatrice Serendipity

Model’s Workshop invites you to a very special presentation.

Blogging for Models with the amazing Beatrice Serendipity

(visit Bea’s Blog)

• • •

Ever wondered how to get started and why you should? Come join us to hear this special presentation by one of the most highly experienced and followed bloggers in SL.

Thursday, April 17th at 4pm slt
Model’s Workshop Auditorium

Hope to see you there!

Model’s Workshop Committee Staff

Blogging Expectations & Protecting Your Image – Workshop Highlights

Lybra and NatzukaTo quote a famous pop star “Oops! ((We)) did it again!” Yet another workshop that ticked all the boxes on the educational spectrum and brought some fun and excitement along with it.

Lybra Rage, owner and designer of Lybra fashion, and SL partner Natzuka Miliandrovic, Miss Virtual World 2013, shared some very helpful tips and insight regarding blogging expectations and protecting your image on the Internet…READ MORE

Vintage Great Gatsby-inspired Highlights

The first styling challenge of 2014 was held on Feb 19th and 23rd. Congratulations to the winners: JewelOfDeNiel (left – Feb 19th Winner) and Chloe Panthar (right – Feb 23rd Winner). Both models did a fabulous job showcasing their Vintage Great Gatsby-inpired outfits on our new runway, built by Monica Balut. We introduced some new elements to the Challenge this year, adding a judges score and an extra date to welcome those in different timezones around the world…READ MORE

Tonight’s Discussion topic “Changing Trends in SL Modeling”

We had a very good turn out for tonight’s discussion on Changing Trends in SL modeling. The title of this discussion turned out to be a bit broad as some people expressed their different ideas of what the topic would address. I started off the conversation by talking about the changes in shapes and facial features and showed a picture of an avatar with a bit of an overbite. The discussion quickly led it’s way to the core nature of modeling: tall, slender, striking; beautiful. Very good questions were raised and some where answered by the group census. Questions like: What makes someone’s look appropriate for Virtual Modeling? Why are models so tall? It seems that Virtual Models have to be more then just “models” to work in SL, for example, must they be photographers, graphic artists, bloggers, stylists…..? If you missed our discussion you missed a great sharing of our collective professional opinion, but don’t fret… because we will be hosting this topic again. Days and Times to be announced.Image

“Christmas Around the World” Highlights

MWSC Winner - Jay Jay - Dec18-13

Congratulations Jay Jay (jj26 Ragu), winner of the December 2013 “Christmas Around the World” Styling Challenge at Model’s Workshop. Jay Jay’s look was inspired by the original American toy soldier commonly seen in The Nutcracker ballet. The feminine touches of the blue skirt with suspenders, frilly jacket bottom and high wintry white boots complement the classic military jacket, hat and gloves. She kept it playful with red candy swirls on her cheeks and keyed necklace hanging from her mouth…READ MORE


New Staff Announcement

Please join us in welcoming Chloe Electra, Ava Jhamin and Caryn Ashdene, our newest Committee Staff members at Model’s Workshop.

Not so new, Chloe has been part of the MW Styling Challenge team for half a year now, providing support and expertise to help make the Challenge the popular event it is today. In addition to her activities at MW, Chloe is a model, a writer and a reporter at ModeLS Magazine, for which she donates her time to interview and write the monthly articles featuring the winner of the MW Styling Challenge, a prize donated by the Editor, BonieFacio Boucher.

Chloe will continue to support the Styling Challenge team, but will be out of commission for a month as she prepares to compete and represent Sweden in the upcoming 2014 Miss Virtual World pageant.

Ava brings her wealth of knowledge as a model, stylist, fashion blogger and model instructor to MW. CEO of L’Amour Model Management and Productions, Ava has been very active in the SL fashion world, hosting and producing numerous fashion shows and events, and working with some of the top designers on the grid. Ava’s charitable spirit, passion for fashion and infectious enthusiasm makes her a perfect addition to the Model’s Workshop team.

Ava recently hosted a series of seminars on Poses and Prim Placements at MW, and is a regular participant at our Styling Challenges. Moving forward Ava will be assisting us with those Challenges and in other areas as time permits.

Caryn is a model, writer and avid fashion blogger, running her own blog and blogging for many designers and stores. She has written scripts for fashion shows. She’s involved in many fashion focused groups in SL. Her eagerness for all things fashion and excellent writing as well as strong communication skills will prove to be a plus for Model’s Workshop. We’re excited to add her to the team.

Caryn is no stranger to MW, hosting a past workshop on Store Models. Watch for details about her upcoming series of workshops on Fashion Blogging, exclusively at Model’s Workshop.

If you would like to be part of the MW Committees, please contact Suki or Jena.

Suki R. Barrowstone (Suki Rexen), MW CEO
Monica Balut, MW Founder
Jena Adder, MW COO


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